In Cities: Skylines 2, city planning is a complex task that requires attention to detail. One of the challenges that players often face is managing the flow of traffic, especially when using one-way roads. These roads can be a boon for controlling traffic, but sometimes, you might find the need to reverse their direction. Whether you’re looking to optimize traffic flow or simply made an error in your initial layout, here’s a comprehensive guide on how to change the direction of one-way roads in the game.


Before diving into the steps, it’s essential to understand the role of one-way roads in your city’s infrastructure:

  • Traffic Flow and Planning: One-way roads play a pivotal role in ensuring smooth traffic flow, especially in high-density areas like downtowns and industrial zones. They can be used to direct traffic from residential areas to industrial zones or vice versa, helping to control specific traffic types, such as trucks.
  • Types of One Way Roads: The game offers a variety of one-way roads, ranging from 1-lane to 6-lane, as well as 3-lane and 5-lane asymmetrical roads. These roads offer flexibility in design and can be more efficient than demolishing and rebuilding roads.
  • Strategic Use: One-way roads are best used for directing traffic in a specific direction, such as from a residential zone to an industrial zone. They can also be used to manage traffic around cargo hubs or alleviate congestion in areas prone to traffic jams.

Note: Don’t forget to enable Auto Save in this game before doing anything major.

How to Reverse the Direction of a One Way Road

  1. Place the Road: Begin by placing the one-way road in your city.
  2. Access the Replace Tool: Navigate to the Tool Mode road menu and select the Replace tool. This tool is represented by an icon with two blocks and two arrows.
  3. Select the Road: Left-click on the road you’ve placed and hold the left mouse button (LMB).
  4. Change Direction: Depending on the orientation of the road:
    • If the road is horizontal, move the mouse left and right to change its direction.
    • If the road is vertical, move the mouse up and down to adjust the direction.

This method can also be applied to change the direction of any asymmetric road.

Advanced Road Services (ARS)

Once you unlock the Advanced Road Services from the roads development menu, you gain access to a plethora of tools that can further enhance your road management skills. With ARS:

  1. Traffic Lights and Stop Signs: You can strategically place traffic lights and stop signs to regulate traffic flow. This can be especially useful at busy intersections to prevent traffic jams.
  2. Lane Direction Control: ARS allows you to change the direction of each lane on a road. This can be used to create roads where both lanes go straight, one turns left, one turns right, or both turn in opposite directions. This level of granularity can help in creating roads that cater to specific traffic needs of an area.
  3. Cost: ARS can be unlocked for 1 Development Point. Once unlocked, you can access the menu by clicking the large circle to the left of the demand bars at the bottom left of the screen.

Changing the direction of one-way roads in “Cities: Skylines 2” might seem hidden at first, but with this guide, you’ll be able to optimize your city’s traffic flow with ease. Remember, the key to a successful city is not just about building, but also about adapting and optimizing as it grows.