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Chivalry 2 Special Abilities Guide – How to Charge, Tips


Each class in Chivalry 2 comes with some unique Special Abilities that can either provide utility, damage, among many other effects. There are three subclasses, with each one having a different Special Ability. These abilities must be charged – remember that there are different requirements for different abilities. In this guide, we’ve detailed all there’s to know about all the Special Abilities in Chivalry 2 and recharging them.

Chivalry 2 Special Abilities

Each subclass in Chivalry 2 has a different Special Ability. It needs to be charged before it can be used. The following is an overview of all the subclasses in Chivalry 2 and their Special Abilities:


The best way to recharge Knight’s ability is by blocking damage. It can be a little tough to execute since the class inherently feels a little slow. However, once players get a hang of the timing, it becomes second nature.

  1. Officer: It increases the HP regeneration of allies.
  2. Guardian: It can place a banner that heals nearby allies.
  3. Crusader: This subclass has an oil pot that can be thrown at a targeted location to set an entire section on fire – quite useful for crowd-control.


In order to charge Special Abilities of a Footman, players need to heal/revive teammates. Quite simple.

  1. Poleman: To be added.
  2. Man at Arms: To be added.
  3. Field Engineer: To be added.


Vanguard recharges the Special Ability by getting kills with the sprint attack. It can be a little tough to execute properly since it can be hard to gauge the distance, etc.

  1. Devastator: This subclass also comes with an oil pot that can be tossed at a targeted location in order to set an entire area on fire.
  2. Raider: It increases the HP regeneration rate of all the allies in close vicinity.
  3. Ambusher: For its Special Ability, Ambusher has a quiver that replenishes ammo.


Lastly, we’ve got Archer. In order to charge its Special Ability, players must land headshots. This is easier said than done since it requires a lot of practice and good aim, of course.

  1. Longbowman: When it comes to Longbowman, it can have braziers in order to make burning arrows – these can come in handy.
  2. Crossbowman: It can place a protective shield that slowly heals allies.
  3. Skirmisher: Lastly, we’ve got Skirmisher, its Special Ability replenishes ammo, thanks to a quiver.

This is all we’ve got in our Chivalry 2 Special Abilities guide. For more help on the game, feel free to check out our detailed Chivalry 2 wiki guides.

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