Chivalry 2 has few classes that players can choose from and each class has sub-classes. Each class differs from the others in terms of playstyle, damage output, and more. Archer is one of the classes in Chivalry 2 and this Chivalry 2 Archer Class Guide will help players with all of the sub-classes and their special abilities and how to play the Archer Class.

Chivalry 2 Archer Class

As the name suggests, Archer is a ranged class and the only ranged class in the game. Since it’s a ranged class, health and stamina are quite low. So, if you get caught in a tough position, you most likely won’t make it. The Archer class can recharge its special abilities by taking headshots. It has three sub-classes Skirmisher, Longbowman, and Crossbowman. None of the sub-classes have special abilities except for Skirmisher.


Skirmisher doesn’t have a bow instead, this sub-class uses javelins or throwing axes as a primary weapon. As for the special ability, The Quiver ability will resupply ammo. Also, the Skirmisher can either use a small shield or a trap as its item.


The Longbowman is equipped with a bow that has a really good range. Aiming and holding the arrow depletes stamina. Furthermore, this sub-class can place spike traps and use braziers to ignite its arrows.


This sub-class comes equipped with a crossbow and is very effective against Footmen and Knight classes. This class can use a protective shield and also a banner to heal allies.

That is all for our Chivalry 2 Archer Class Guide with tips on all of the sub-classes. For more on the game, also see our Vanguard Class Guide and Knight Class Guide.

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