Chernobylite is not an easy game as players have to find and collect resources to keep themselves and the team alive. Resting or Sleeping is an important part of the gameplay loop since Chernobylite insists on realism. This Chernobylite guide will help players with how to sleep and how to keep the team or companions well-rested.

How To Sleep

Having Igor go to sleep is pretty straightforward. The real challenge is to keep the team well-rested. For Igor, to the left side of the base will be a door with “Igor’s Room” written on it. Go through the door and interact with the bed and Igor will go to sleep.

As for the companions, Igor or players have to take care that they get a full night’s sleep too. Players have to build a sleeping area in the crafting menu at the Refuge. Players have to craft bunks for each of the companions. However, make sure that you craft a bunk for each companion, otherwise, the one that doesn’t get a bunk will sleep on the floor and will have a negative impact on performance.

That is all for our Chernobylite Guide on how to sleep and how to keep the well-rested. For more on the game, also see Chernobylite Companions Guide and How to Return to Base.

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