Chernobylite has some useful items or resources hidden away in its world and finding them can greatly help players. Most of these items can be acquired using the tools players have but, some require extra steps to be accessible. This Chernobylite guide will help players with how to open Kopachi safe and how to get the Improved Flashlight perk.

How to Open Kopachi Safe

Most players will assume that they can open the safe using a lockpick but, that won’t work. Players have to find a locksmith to open the Kopachi safe. Players will find the locksmith in the top-right portion of the map. Talk to him and the locksmith will ask you to find Athanasius.

However, players can only complete this request during the “Chain Reaction” campaign mission. When players are completing this particular mission, go to the upper floor of the Prison Complex. Players will find Athanasius’ body here. Examine the body and go back to the locksmith and tell him that Athanasius is dead.

The locksmith will tell players that the safe will be open next time they visit it. Go to the Kopachi sage and it will be unlocked. Players will get the Improved Flashlight perk from the safe.

That is all for our Chernobylite guide on how to open the Kopachi safe and how to find Improved Flashlight perk. For more on the game, also see our Sleep Guide and Companions Guide.

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