The Red Wolf of Radagon is the third main boss that you encounter, right after Godrick the Grafted. This boss has a lot of mobility and can move around a lot, so it can be very tricky to deal with. Fortunately, there is a cheese that allows you to defeat the wolf without having to do much. In this Elden Ring guide, we go over how you can cheese the Red Wolf of Radagon in 2023.


Elden Ring Red Wolf Of Radagon Cheese

As you progress to the boss room, do not kill all the enemies on the way, as you are going to need one of the wizards for this to work. Have one of the wizards follow you to the fog door. The wizard will attack you, and what you need to do is enter the fog door at the same time as you get hit. This is going to take some timing, and you might not get it right the first time. But once you have done it correctly, you will glitch into the boss room, and the Red Wolf of Radagon will stand in place and not attack you.

Now you can deal damage to the boss safely without getting hit in return. The boss drops a memory stone. This increases the maximum number of memory slots that you have available so you can use more sorceries and incantations.

This is how you can cheese the Red Wolf Of Radagon in Elden Ring. You can also check out our guides on how you can cheese Starscourge Radahn and the God-Devouring Serpent or Rykard.