The Fire Giant in Elden Ring is huge and can batter you down with his shield, making him very hard to deal with. There is, however a cheese that can help you deal with the boss easily. In this Elden Ring guide, we are going to walk you through how you can cheese and easily kill the Fire Giant.

Build For The Fire Giant In Elden Ring

Spirit SummonLatenna The Albinauric
Ancestral Follower Ashes
TalismansShabriri’s Woe (Optional)
Flask of Wondrous PhysickAny

Weapon And Summon

For this cheese strategy, you do not need to attack the Fire Giant with your weapons, so you can pick any weapon that you want. We recommend the spirit summon Latenna The Albinauric since Latenna can attack from a distance, increasing her survivability and keeping her from dying.

If you do not have Latenna The Albinauric or do not want to use her for some reason, then we can also recommend Ancestral Follower Ashes.

Again, you can pick any talismans you like since you will not attack the boss. If you have trouble keeping aggro on you, you can use Shabriri’s Woe.

How To Beat The Fire Giant In Elden Ring

Once you enter the boss arena, get close to the boss, and you will need to dodge the sweep attack. You can do this by rolling at the right time or by using a shield. Now you need to head around the giant and take cover behind a tree. The giant will become stuck and will not attack you. 

Once you see the boss trying to lunge toward you need to head back into the corner and then jump down to the ground below you. Essentially you need to bait the giant into staying behind the rocks while you are on the other side and safe from his attacks.

Now you need to summon Latenna The Albinauric. She will damage the boss and trigger the second phase of the encounter. After the cutscene, you need to head back to where you took cover behind the tree, but this time, you will take cover behind the rock next to the tree.

The giant will then slowly crawl toward you. You will be safe from almost all his attacks until he gets close to you. Once the giant is close enough, you need to head back down just like you did before, and Latenna will be ready to deal another round of damage. Let her chip away at the boss’s HP bar. You can move around to keep the giant stuck behind the rocks.

How To Get The Items For This Build

How To Get Latenna The Albinauric

You can find Latenna The Albinauric at Slumbering Wolf’s Shack, in Liurnia of the Lakes, at the end of the Lakeside Crystal Cave once you have defeated the boss. You will need the Haligtree Secret Medallion (Right) given to you by Albus at the Village of the Albinaurics for Latenna to be friendly and become a spirit.

How To Get Shabriri’s Woe

Shabriri’s Woe can be found in the Frenzied Flame Village on the broken stairs outside a building. It has a purple identifier.

This is how you can cheese and easily beat the Fire Giant in Elden Ring. You can also check out our guide on beating Astel, Naturalborn of the Void. For more content, check out our Elden Ring guides hub.

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