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How To Cheese (Easy Kill) Astel, Naturalborn Of The Void In Elden Ring


Astel, Naturalborn of the Void, can be a nightmare to deal with. Not only does it look like any alien from another world, but it also has tricky ranged and melee attacks that can kill you quickly. This Elden Ring guide covers how you can cheese and easily kill Astel, Naturalborn of the Void.

Astel, Naturalborn Of The Void Cheese #2 In Elden Ring

Spirit SummonLatenna The Albinauric
TalismansShabriri’s Woe (Optional)
ConsumablesRot Pots
Flask of Wondrous PhysickAny

Weapon And Spirit Summon

For this cheese strategy, you do not need to attack Astel with your weapons, so you can pick any weapon that you want. We recommend the spirit summon Latenna The Albinauric since Latenna can attack from a distance, increasing her survivability and keeping her from dying.

Again, since you will not attack the boss, you can pick any talismans you like. If you have trouble keeping the aggro on you, you can use Shabriri’s Woe.

We recommend using Rot Pots for damage over time. You can throw these from a distance to keep aggro on yourself and help Latenna survive while she does all the damage to the boss.

How To Beat Astel, Naturalborn Of The Void In Elden Ring

Once you enter the boss arena, you must find an opening and summon Latenna The Albinauric. After that,, you must keep your distance from the boss and dodge its beam attacks. You need to keep aggro on yourself and allow Latenna to deal damage to the boss from a distance. 

If Astel starts to attack Latenna, use the Rot Pots to attack the boss and make it focus on you rather than Latenna. Keep doing this until the boss dies. All of the boss attacks can be avoided from a distance. Only move in when you need to attack with rot pots to get aggro. You can also use Shabriri’s Woe talisman to keep aggro on you.

How To Get The Items For This Build

How To Get Latenna The Albinauric

You can find Latenna The Albinauric at Slumbering Wolf’s Shack, in Liurnia of the Lakes, at the end of the Lakeside Crystal Cave once you have defeated the boss. You will need the Haligtree Secret Medallion (Right) given to you by Albus at the Village of the Albinaurics for Latenna to be friendly and become a spirit.

How To Get Rot Pots

To craft Rot Pots, you need Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook 22. This can be found inside a chest in the ruins in the west of the Lake of Rot. Once you have it, you can craft Rot Pots with the following resources:

  • 2x Toxic Mushrooms
  • 2x Faded Erdleaf Flower
  • 1x Aeonian Butterfly
  • 1x Emplty Ritual Pot

How To Get Shabriri’s Woe

Shabriri’s Woe can be found in the Frenzied Flame Village on the broken stairs outside a building. It has a purple identifier.

Astel, Naturalborn Of The Void Cheese #2

IncantationSwarm of Flies
Spirit SummonMimic Tear
Flask of Wondrous PhysickAny

Weapon And Summon

For this cheese, you will not need to melee attack Astel, so you can use any weapon that you want. We do recommend using the Swarm of Flies incantation to deal damage from a distance. Mimic Tear is the spirit summon that you should use for this cheese method. It will melee attack the boss and take aggro while you can deal damage with Swarm of Flies from a distance. 

How To Beat Astel

Once you enter the boss arena, dodge the incoming beam attack and then summon the Mimic Tear. Once it has the aggro, you can move up to the boss and deal damage with Swarm of flies at medium range. At medium range, you will be able to dodge the boss’s attacks when the Mimic Tear does not have the aggro.

Chances are that the Mimic Tear will not last the whole encounter, but the boss should have low health when the spirit summon dies. So you can land a couple of hits with the Swarm of Flies incantation to finish it off.

How To Get The Items For This Build

How To Get Mimic Tear

The Mimic Tear spirit summon can be found locked inside a chest behind an imp statue door in Night’s Sacred Ground in Nokron, Eternal City.

How To Get Swarm Of Flies

The Swarm Of Flies incantation can be found along the east wall (in a shallow cave) of the Mohgwyn Palace blood marsh. Directly north of the Palace Approach Ledge-Road Site of Grace. It is on a dead body.

This is how you can cheese Astel, Naturalborn of the Void, in Elden Ring. To learn more, check out our Elden Ring guides hub.

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