There are a total of three Death Rite Birds that you can defeat in Elden Ring. They all drop different amounts of runes and reward you with different drops. The one in Caelid gives you Death’s Poker and 15,000 runes. Death’s Poker is a powerful weapon you can use up to the end game. In this Elden Ring guide, we cover how you can cheese and easily kill the Caelid Death Rite Bird

Note: This cheese method does work post patch 1.08.1 but is not consistent, so you will have to give it a couple of tries.

Elden Ring Caelid Death Rite Bird Cheese 

Remember that the Death Rite Bird only appears at night, so you can rest at the nearby site of grace and progress the time to night.

You need to take advantage of the fact that the Death Rite Bird cannot fly. So you can make it fall to its death, which will be considered a kill. Head to the tree shown below near where the bird is, and wait for it to follow you.

Once it is close, you head to the other side and take cover behind the tree.

The Death Rite Bird will try and get to you and, in the process, will fall down and die. It can damage you, so you will need to have your flasks ready to top up your health. As mentioned, this is not a very consistent method, but it does work. So you might need to give it a few tries before it works. 

This is how you can cheese and easily kill the Caelid Death Rite Bird in Elden Ring. You can also check out our guide on how you can cheese the Fire Giant. For more content, check out our Elden Ring guides hub.

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