Starfield players have the opportunity to recruit a diverse range of companions and crew members to accompany them on their interstellar adventures. Whether you’re piloting a ship, exploring new planets, or setting up outposts, having the right crew by your side can make all the difference. But as your journey progresses, you might find the need to shuffle your crew around, assign them to specific tasks, or even replace them. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to change companions and crew in Starfield.


Changing Companions and Crew In Starfield

  1. Accessing the Crew Roster Menu: To view and manage your crew, you’ll need to access the Crew Roster menu. Pause the game and head to the Ship menu located in the bottom left-hand corner. From here, you can press the Y button (if you’re on Xbox) or the C key (for PC players). This will bring up a screen showcasing all your crew members and their current assignments.
  2. Assigning Crew to Ships and Outposts: Once you’re in the Crew Roster menu, you can see each crew member’s current assignment. By selecting a crew member, you have the option to assign them to a ship or an outpost. However, ensure that the ship or outpost has available space. If it’s full, you’ll need to unassign a current member before placing a new one.
  3. Ask Them Leave: Just as you can ask individuals to join your crew, making them an integral part of your team, you can also ask them to leave. Before you can expel a crew member, there’s a specific quest you need to complete. This quest is called “The Old Neighborhood.” Successfully finishing this quest unlocks the ability to change crew members. If you decide that a particular companion no longer fits your crew’s dynamic, you can approach them for a conversation in Starfield. During this dialogue, select the option: “It’s time we went our separate ways.” This will prompt the crew member to leave, freeing up a spot for a new member.

Things To Consider When Changing Companions And Crew

Considering Crew Skills: Each crew member in Starfield possesses unique skills. When assigning them, it’s beneficial to consider these skills to ensure they’re placed in positions where their talents won’t go to waste. For instance, a crew member skilled in Astrophysics might be more useful on a ship than at an outpost.

Before you can assign crew to an outpost, there’s a prerequisite. Players need to construct a Crew Station at the desired outpost. Building this requires resources like Aluminum, Iron, and Nickel. If you’ve been diligent in your exploration and have unlocked and upgraded skills like Scanning and Astrophysics from the Science skill tree, these resources should be readily available.

Increasing Your Crew Capacity

Initially, players have a limit to the number of crew members they can recruit. However, as you progress in the game, you can increase this capacity:

  1. Unlocking the Ship Command Skill: Found in the Social skill tree, the Ship Command skill, when fully upgraded, allows players to have up to eight active crew members at any given time.
  2. Upgrading the Outpost Management Skill: To increase the number of crew members you can station at an outpost, focus on the Outpost Management skill. By upgrading it to Rank 3, you can station more crew members at your outposts.

Managing your crew in Starfield is crucial for a successful journey, especially if you want to hijack ships and be the best space pirate in the universe. Whether you’re assigning them based on their skills, ensuring they’re in the right place at the right time, or expanding your crew’s capacity, these steps will ensure you’re making the most of your companions and crew members.

Best Active Companions List

Companion NameSpecial Skill
Sam CoeRifle Certification (x3 points)
Adoring FanCarrying Capacity
Sarah MorganLaser (x3 points)


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