Playwing announced that the PS4 and PS5 release date of Century: Age of Ashes has been delayed to Summer 2022. The devs apologized for the delay and mentioned that the team needs more time to work on the PS version of the game, in order to make sure that everything works properly.

The devs did not provide a concrete release date but did have the following to say regarding the matter:

Pushing back a release is never pleasant, even more so when we know there is a huge number of players who are wanting to play on PlayStation platforms, and this will most likely be a turning point in the life of Century: Age Of Ashes. Passing certification on PlayStation – what we call ‘going gold’ – right off the back of the Xbox One release and the launch of the debut season, ‘A Shadow Over Skeld’ is a tough challenge. Therefore, we are going to need a little more time to ensure we meet the quality standards to ship on these two platforms.

We know not sharing an exact release date may raise some concerns, but rest assured, bringing Century: Age Of Ashes is our next big release. Our team are currently hard at work debugging the PS4 & PS5 version, while also polishing up the recently released Xbox One version. Season 1 is also being worked on for its balancing issues and prepping for future content. This is now the last stretch before Century takes flight on PlayStation, which means it’s just a matter of days before we share a release date with you all.

I think this is the right move for the devs. We all know how poorly things go when a game version is released half-baked. I hope that the team can push through this last leg and that the community supports this decision.

Let us know what you think about the PS4 and PS5 versions of Century: Age of Ashes being delayed to Summer 2022 and whether or not you are interested in playing the game when it comes out on PlayStation.

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