Cayde 6 died in the Destiny 2 Forsaken expansion campaign, and that was one of the many reasons the expansion did so well. Now Bungie has released the teaser for The Final Shape expansion, and it seems that Cayde is somehow alive. In this article, we go over how Cayde 6 is supposedly alive in Destiny 2 or is he really?


Note: These are theories, and nothing has been confirmed by Bungie. No one knows for sure regarding the return of Cayde.

Is Cayde 6 Really Alive In Destiny 2 The Final Shape?

We see in the teaser trailer that Cayde 6 has a reasonable familiarity with Ikora which means that his memories seem to be intact. So Cayde will know us. It is also interesting to note that in the trailer, Ikora does have her ghost with her, but Cayde does not. Sundance is missing from the teaser trailer of the Final Shape.

This could mean that Cayde is indeed dead and that in the teaser trailer Ikora is still alive. On the other hand, this could be Bungie trying to mislead us and not showing Sundance on purpose. It is too early to confirm. Sundance was shot while attempting to help Cayde in the Forsaken expansion. This also points to this being our version of Cayde that has come back to life, if that is indeed the case, and is not some alternate timeline version of Cayde 6.


In the lore, we know about Ikora having a nightmare of Cayde 6 at the leviathan which taunts her about not killing Uldren and allowing him into the tower. Ikora does not confront the nightmare and instead leaves the leviathan. The scene that we see in the trailer could be a similar siutation but I would not count it since it the Cayde in the teaser does not seem to be a nightmare.

It is also worth noting that Cayde seems confused in the teaser and does not know where he is. This might be because he has not been in the area for long. Which might be possible if Ikora has summoned him, which we will get to later on.

The return of Cayde in one form or another could be Bungie building on the life guardian experience once they have died. This would not be the first time that Bungie has hinted at this. In the Corridors of Time, we were able to see our own grave and were able to pull Bastion into our own timeline. While this is speculation, it might be possible that we will learn more about what guardians go through once they die.

In my personal opinion, I think that Bungie is tryig to pull off an “Avengers” moment. Nathon Fillion is back, voice acting Cayde yet again and I think that Cayde is not really going to be alive and will not have a major part in The Final Shape expansion. His role is going to be of a guide and his reappearance is going to be a sendoff.


Has Cayde 6 Been Taken?

In the teaser trailer of Destiny 2 The Final Shape, we see Cayde’2 eyes and mouth glowing and his weapon, the Ace of Spades has a glow to it too. This has had some people theorizing that Cayde 6 has been taken similar to what has happened to Sloan in Season of the Deep. While that might be a possibility, I personally do not think Cyade 6 has been Taken since there is no auro of darkness which is typical of Taken energy.

It seems more like Light energy rather than Taken energy. If the hive can have ghosts and bear the light then it makes sense for Cayde to be imbued with such an energy as well. It is also interesting to see that the Ace of Spades is broken and is pieced together with light.

Is Cayde 6 Inside The Traveler?

We see the shape the winess makes on the traveler in the teaser trailer and it makes sense that the lush region that we see in the teaser is indeed inside the traveler. The being is known to support growth so it would make sense that there is a lush green haven inside.

Another theory suggests that the portal leads to the garden where the Gardener and the Winnower once fought. This is a time when time had not yet begun, so to speak. If that is indeed the case then we might be dealing with timetravel. In the garden, anything is possible as it is a playing ground of sort where the light and darkness can mess with creation and alter laws of reality. Creating and destroying as they seem fit. This might be how Ikora summons Cayde into existence.


Another theory suggests that the portal takes the witness back in time, to a moment in time where the witness can make some alternations and allow himself to win and the traveler to lose. This could create a butterfly effect allowing the witness to gain a key advantage and influence the future.

We do not know for sure whether Cayde 6 is indeed alive or not in Destiny 2 The Final Shape. It is too early to know for sure to even to speculate. It is safe to say that the story of the Season of the Deep is going to unravel something that is going to connect the dots to a certain degree. Bungie does have a showcase for the Final Shape in August, where we will be able to learn more about the upcomig expansion.