DNA abilities allow you to make your monster stronger in Carrion. In this Carrion DNA Abilities guide, we are going to go over where you can find all the abilities and what they do.

Getting the different abilities will allow you to progress through the game. Different abilities allow you to pass the different levels and that is why you need to get them.

Carrion DNA Abilities: What They Do, Where To Get Them

The following are all the Carrion DNA abilities, what they do and how you can get them in the game:

Ability Name Where To Get Effects
Arachnoptysis Military Junkyard Allows you to shoot a web that traps enemies. Can only be used in the smallest monster form.
Xiphorrhea  Uranium Mines Transforms you into a medium-size monster. It will let you smash vents, wooden walls and enemies.
Photokinesis Botanical Gardens Lets you go invisible.
Hydrophilia Leviathan Reef Base Transforms you into a swarm of worms that can swim through tight spots. All monster sizes can use this.
Parasitism Relith Science HQ Take control of enemy units. All monster sizes can use this. 
Acanthosis Leviathan Reef Base – Bridge Grows keratin spikes on you. Can be used by medium-size monster.
Harpagorrhea Nuclear Power Plant Use the sarcous harpoons to let you pull objects. Can be used by largest monster.
Keratosis  Armored Warfare Facility Damage resistance to explosives and bullets. Can be used by largest monster.
Parasitism BSL-4 Research Ward Turns you into human so you can beat the game.

These are all the Carrion DNA abilities that you can get in the game, how you can get them all and what they do. You will need the final one to transform into a human and get to the surface in order to beat the game.

That is all for our DNA abilities guide. If you are interested in learning more then you can check out our Carrion achievements guide as well.

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