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Carrion Achievements Guide: All Achievements, 100% Completion


In order to complete Carrion 100%, you will need to unlock all the achievements. In this Carrion achievements guide, we are going to go over how you can complete all the achievements in the game.

There are 21 achievements that you can unlock in the game. All of these are fairly simple and it is going to take about 3-4 hours to complete the game and unlock all the achievements. You should be able to pull it off in a couple of hours even if you have not played other platformer games.

All Carrion Achievements

The following are all the achievement in Carrion and how you can complete them:

Achievement Name How To Complete
Flesh of Prey Eat your first person which occurs naturally through the story.
It’s Alive Complete the BSL-4 Research Ward level.
Machines Can Expire Too Complete the Military Junkyard level.
The Derelict Relive the First Flashback Sequence in the Frontier.
Claustrophobia Complete the Uranium Mines level.
Intoxication Complete the Hazardous Waste Landfill level.
The Perfect Organism Relive the Second Flashback Sequence.
There’s Something in Those Trees Complete the Botanical Gardens level.
We Need to Go Deeper Complete the Leviathan Reef Base level.
A Cerebral Feast Harvest your first ripe juicy head.
Stakeholder Meating Complete the Relith Science HQ level.
Water under the Bridge Complete the Leviathan Reef Base level.
Get to the Choppa Relive the Final Flashback Sequence in the Frontier.
Ionized Complete the Nuclear Power Plant level.
War… War Never Changes Complete the Armored Warfare Facility level.
4 8 15 16 23 42 Complete the Bunker level.
The New Reality Complete Carrion.
One Monster, One Jar Gain access to 1 Containment Unit.
Jarring Experience Gain access to 3 Containment Units.
Jean-Michel Jar Gain access to 6 Containment Units.
Jared Stults Gain access to Gain all 9 Containment Unit.

This is how you can complete all the Carrion Achievements and complete the game 100%.

Talha Amjad
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