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How To Capture Sacred Sites In Age Of Empires 4


Age Of Empires 4 is out now. While the game is very similar to AoE2 there might be a few things that you do not know how to do. In this Age Of Empires 4 guide, we are going to go over how you can capture sacred sites.

Capturing Sacred Sites In Age Of Empires 4

Sacred sites are small structures with stairs around them and a flag pole in the middle. In order to capture the sacred site, you need a religious unit such as the Monk. These units can be called something else for different civilizations in the game. For most civilizations in Age of Empires 4, you can start training religious units once you advance to age 3. Civilizations such as The Holy Roman Empire have access to the religious units from the start, so the civilization can take advantage of sacred sites from the very beginning of a game.

sacred sites Age of Empires 4

Once you have a religious unit and have found a sacred site, you need to bring your religious unit to the sacred site in order to capture it. Once you have done so, the site is going to generate gold overtime for you. Note that you will need to control the religious site in order to keep generating gold.

The enemy factions are going to try and take over these sites because controlling all the sacred sites is one of the victory conditions. We recommend having some units in the area in order to defend the sacred site that you have captured or having your religious unit accompanied by some military units.

This is how you can capture sacred sites in Age of Empires 4. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our beginner’s guide to get some useful tips and tricks.

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