How to Capture Monsters in Monster Hunter Rise

How to Capture Monsters in Monster Hunter Rise

Whether you’re new to the Monster Hunter franchise or veteran, it is crucial to under how the taming and capturing mechanic work in Monster Hunter Rise. The capturing system works similarly to other Monster Hunter Rise. There are a ton of Monsters for you to capture in the game, although the process isn’t easy it’s still worth it. In this guide, I will explain how to capture Monsters in Monster Hunter Rise.

Capturing monsters is the best way to get additional rewards after you’re done with the hunt. Spending time taming/capturing monsters contributes heavily to your progression.

Note: The following information comes from previous Monster Hunter games. As soon as new information becomes available, this guide will be updated accordingly.

Monster Hunter Rise: How to Capture Monsters

To capture monsters in Monster Hunter Rise you need to fight them until they are weakened and tries to flee the scene. The monster will start to limp and tries to go hide in its den. As soon as it tries to go away, you’ll know it’s the right time to capture it as a skull icon appears on the mini-map next to the monster which indicates that it’s close to death.

Let the monster go away and sleep in its den and then lay a trap near it as it sleeps. You can throw some Tranq Bombs at it to put it to sleep faster and capture it.

Now, before you capture the monster it is best to prepare for the fight. Make sure to manage your items. Craft shock or pitfall traps as well as Tranq Bomb if you don’t already have some.

And that’s how you capture monsters in MHR. Need more help? See how to beat Somnacanth, Wyvern Riding, how to beat Bishaten, tips and tricks.

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