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Can’t See Friends On The Map In Palworld? Here’s How To See


Playing Palworld with friends elevates the fun, but initially, locating them in the game’s vast environment can be tricky. If you’re strategizing to keep tabs on other players, particularly those who tend to stir up trouble, it’s crucial to know their whereabouts. Palworld may not be overly communicative about its Guild feature, but it plays a pivotal role in tracking players’ locations.

Guilds are more than just groups; they are essential tools for monitoring players’ exact locations at any given moment. To access this feature, you need to navigate to the Guild tab.

This can be done by opening the menu – using ESC on the keyboard or the Start/Options button on a controller. In the menu, you’ll find the Guild tab next to the Paldeck and opposite the options.

Once you’re in the Guild menu, several options become available. You can rename your Guild, check the status of players (who’s online and active), and manage your session.

This functionality is invaluable regardless of whether you’re on a standard dedicated server or using a rented one. It ensures that you’re always aware of who’s contributing to the session.

Joining a Guild is straightforward. Approach a player and follow the on-screen prompt to send a join request. The Guild Master, who has the authority to approve or deny requests, will manage these.

Once you’re part of a Guild, a key feature unlocks: player indicators on the map. These indicators show the location of Guild members, making it easier to rendezvous, especially when you stumble upon a unique Pal like Daedream and want to share the excitement with others.

That’s all you need to know on how to see friends and party members on the map of Palworld.

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