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Can You Solo BfA Raids In Wow Dragonflight?


In World of Warcraft (WoW), players who enjoy soloing raids face a new question with each expansion: What can I conquer on my own? With the arrival of “Dragonflight,” the query shifts to the Battle for Azeroth (BfA) Raids. Can you solo BfA Raids? Let’s find out!

The power creep is real in WoW, and “Dragonflight” is no exception. With advancements in skills and a treasure trove of new equipment, many of the Normal difficulty BfA Raids are now less of a challenge. These raids, designed during an earlier chapter of the game, are experiencing the inevitable: they’re being outpaced by the ever-growing power levels of the players.

However, some encounters within these raids, particularly in Uldir, were crafted for a full party’s coordination, making them a significant challenge for solo players. Mechanics that require multiple players to manage can become insurmountable obstacles for the lone wolf. These complex designs can lead to instant defeat if you’re unable to deal enough damage to bypass them. Bringing along a friend or two may help, but even small groups may find themselves at the mercy of tight DPS checks, especially on Heroic or Mythic difficulties.

Mythic raids stand as the pinnacle of PvE group challenges in “WoW,” and the BfA raids are no exception. Soloing these would be an achievement of monumental proportions, but as it stands, many of these encounters remain out of reach without a group. Unless the developers implement nerfs to bring these older raids within the reach of solo players, Mythic encounters may require either more patience, a higher level cap, or additional expansions’ worth of power increases before they can be tackled alone.

Despite these hurdles, the call to adventure rings as loudly as ever. Below is a compilation of the BfA Raids that players can delve into within “Dragonflight”:

  • Ny’alotha, the Waking City (level 50)
  • Battle of Dazar’alor (level 50)
  • Uldir (level 50)
  • The Eternal Palace (level 50)
  • Crucible of Storms (level 50)
  • Darkest Depths (level 50)
  • Siege of Orgrimmar (level 35)
  • Mogu’shan Vaults (level 35)
  • Caverns of Time (level 30)

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