Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Can Cross Play Multiplayer Help Anthem?


Anthem is pretty much dead at this point, only the most hardcore of its fan-base is still alive and well. Anthem is one of the biggest disasters of the past decade and we all know what went wrong. We can talk about what went wrong all day but we have given enough time to criticism, maybe we should talk about what can go right for Anthem at this point.

BioWare’s Anthem is dying and it needs something to keep it afloat at this point. There aren’t many players in the game so dividing the remaining player base is not the best idea. Platforms are merging together via cross-platform multiplayer, ending the limitations to allow players across all platforms to come together and play.

Cross-play multiplayer would definitely be a saving grace for Anthem. Anthem is using EA’s own servers across the board, on all platforms, so there is no reason why EA can’t allow cross-platform play for Anthem.

Correct me if I am wrong, no EA game is cross-play. It is odd and shows EA’s disconnect with what’s trending right now. Some of the biggest publishers in the world are using cross-play to bring together players and boost engagement. Sony, Microsoft, Epic Games, and others have chosen to open their servers for other platforms, why not EA? Why can’t Anthem?

Moreover, Anthem is not a competitive game so the issue for mouse and keyboard vs controller doesn’t exist. In fact, even PvP games don’t hide behind the mouse and keyboard vs controller issue. Fortnite and the recently released Call of Duty Modern Warfare use cross-platform play.

EA and Bioware still haven’t given up on Anthem which is great so I hope they can bring in cross-platform multiplayer for Anthem.

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