Callisto Protocol has 20 collectible Implant Bios, all at different locations. Finding them can be troublesome, but with the help of this guide, you’ll easily be able to find all the Implant Bios in no time.


Callisto Protocol Implant Bios Locations

As I mentioned earlier, these Implant Bios are scattered throughout the game. Players will find them across different chapters. The following are the Implant Bios locations categorized by chapter.

Chapter #3: Aftermath

In chapter#3, Aftermath, you’ll find 6 collectible Implant Bios, and their locations are given below:

Implant Bios #1: Sgt. Eric Jane – Locked Door


You’ll find the first Implant Bios when you enter through the duct in an area with a Security Robot, and next to the security robot will be a corpse with the Implant Bios close to OFFICE A132.

Impact Bios #2: Ofc. Pruitt Matos: Laundry

The second Implant Bios can be found once you enter Laundry B202. For that, you’ll have to go to the site of Implant Bios#1 and take a right to the end. Once you’ve taken a right, move forward, and at its end, turn right, and you’ll enter Laundry, where you’ll find an implant at the top of a corpse.

Implant Bios #3: Dr. Ewan Hayes – Medlab Outbreak


The third Implant Bios will be found in Medical Ward C101, and you’ll find Dr. Ewan Hayes’s corpse.

Implant Bios #4: Ofc. Dachs Symmons – Hanged Guard

You’ll open the closed door and enter a room with hanging guards; you’ll find a corpse on the ground with the Implant Bios on top of it.

Implant Bios #5: Ofc. Kerry Brown


The fifth Implant Bios can be found in D4 basement storage below a fan inside a corpse.

Implant Bios #6: Tadhg Song

After finishing chapter 3, you’ll see a cable lift, move toward the structure, and some enemies will start attacking you. After taking care of them, climb up with a structure having yellow and black stripes, and you’ll find the Implant Bios.

Chapter #4: Habitat

In chapter 4, Habitat, you’ll find 3 Implant Bios, and their locations are as follows

Implant Bios #7: Ofc. Bruno Vorenus – Crosswired

You can find the seventh Implant Bios next to the Access Hall H271 door after starting chapter 4.

Implant Bios #8: Ofc. James Reese

The eighth implant Bios will be found near the Maintenance Hall F263 door; just behind it will be a guard corpse with the Implant Bios.

Implant Bios #9: Sgt. Bill Pekelo

Once you enter the Tram security room, you’ll enter through the Oxygen processing H625. You’ll have to keep moving forward, enter the first door to your left and climb the stairs.

Once you’ve done that, take a left and crouch to pass through. Keep moving forward, and climb until you enter an old duct system. Cross the Duct and drop down from the other end, and you’ll find a corpse with the Implant Bios.

Chapter #5: Lost

Once you reach chapter 5, you’ll find four Implant Bios, and their locations are as follows:

Implant Bios #10: Richard Cids

You’ll be able to find the tenth Implant Bios in an open room around a snowy area with a dull light surrounding it. Once you enter the room, you’ll find a corpse having the Implant Bios.

Implant Bios #11: Lt. Devon Wayne – Close the Gate

While getting to Dani’s objective, head to the dining area upstairs and find the eleventh Implant Bios in a corpse.

Implant Bios #12: Ofc. Aaron Taycho

Head to the Power station and enter the Prisoner Transfer S408 door, where you’ll find a corpse with the twelfth Implant Bios.

Implant Bios #13: Sgt. Scott Dvitny – Eradication

The thirteenth Implant Bios can be found in the snowy area as well. You’ll have to enter a room with a bit of opening; once you enter the room, you’ll see a tank on the right side having a corpse containing the Implant Bios.

Chapter #6: Below

Once you start Callisto Protocol chapter 6, you’ll be able to find two Implant Bios, and their locations are as follows:

Implant Bios #14: Dr. Sheehan Yune – Field Log 3

After entering the Power Tunnel, keep moving forward, and once the track is crossed, you’ll see a corpse with the Implant Bios.

Implant Bios #15: Arden Jeddha – Arcas Evacuation

Once you’ve defected two heads, get down from the platform and find the corpse having the Implant Bios near the stairs.

Chapter #7: Colony

Players will find five Implant Bios in Callisto Protocol Chapter 7, and their locations are given below:

Implant Bios #16: Alex Wang – Miner Log 1

The sixteenth Implant will be found once you start the chapter, head down, and look to your left.

Implant Bios #17: Derryn Barr – Miner Log 3

After you enter the next area, climb up the ladder, take a right turn and keep moving forward. On your left, you’ll see a door, enter the room, kill the enemy and collect the seventeenth Implant.

Implant Bios #18: Yannick Sage – The Mole

Once you exit the elevator in Hightown, look to your right and see a corpse with the Implant Bios.

Implant Bios #19: Buidhe Reddwork – Hightown

After taking the eighteenth Implant head on upstairs, you’ll find the nineteenth implant inside a corpse.

Implant Bios #20: Ji-Kwan Park – Miner Log 4

Head on over to the crafting station, open up the door using the lever next to it, and collect the last Implant Bio

Hopefully, this guide has helped you find all the collectible Implant Bios in Callisto Protocol, as finding all the implants can be tricky. For more on the game, see What to Upgrade for Maximum Security Difficulty and How to Kill Security Robot.


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