Call of Duty Warzone Bounties and Contracts Guide

Call of Duty Warzone bounties, Warzone Points of Interest

Call of Duty Warzone bounties and contracts add a little extra to the battle royale mixture. Warzone contracts and bounties give you an incentive to push yourself into early game fights and it might help reduce the camping problem. In our Call of Duty Warzone Bounties and contracts guide we will explain how to get them and what different types are available in the game.

Call of Duty Warzone Bounties and Contracts

Contracts and bounties give you an incentive to step out of your comfort zone to earn extra in-game cash. You can use extra cash at Buy Stations, get an idea of where the bounty target is, or get your hands on advanced recon.

Since there are various types of contracts in Warzone, some will simply have you open a certain amount of caches. Meanwhile, others will have you hunt down enemy targets to complete bounties.

How to Get Warzone Bounties and Contracts

Contracts can be earned by exploring and looting the map. This is a lootable item in Call of Duty Warzone so it is a random drop on the map. However, they can be tracked using the in-game app, zoom-in on the specific points of interest to reveal which bounties are available.

Get to the point of interest and interact with the Contract to trigger it. There are three different types of contracts on Warzone.

Type of Contracts

  • Bounty – Kill a random target to complete the bounty
  • Scavenger – Open a certain amount of caches
  • Recon – Secure a Flag point similar to the Domination mode

While all three types of contracts are something to work towards. The most useful one is Bounty as it gives the biggest reward. You need cash in Warzone and bounties are best way to get it. If you manage to successfully hunt down your target you get around $3000 and you can complete a subsequent contract to get over $4000 for completing a second bounty. Bounties are the best way to earn money Call of Duty Warzone.

This marks the end of our Warzone Bounties and Contracts guide. If you need more help with the game check out Warzone Gulag 1v1 Tips.

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