Call of Duty Warzone Battle Royale mode is out now for free and newcomers may not be familiar with the best weapons available in Modern Warfare. In our Call of Duty Warzone battle royale best weapons guide, we will explain what are the best weapons you can use.

Call of Duty Warzone Best Weapons

There are multiple types of weapons in Call of Duty Modern Warfare including shotguns, pistols, assault rifles, launchers, and knives. Pretty much every weapon from the base game makes it to Call of Duty Warzone which makes it easier to pick the best ones.

Best Assualt Rifle – The best assault rifle in all of the Call of Duty is the M4A1. When playing with this weapon it doesn’t matter if you are shooting from close to long-range. The M4A1 will shred the enemy in around 50% of its clip. It is one of the best weapons in Call of Duty Warzone as well as Modern Warfare.

Best Sniper Rifle – If you are a sniper we suggest that AX-50. The range on this beast is optimal and you will feel a much faster ADS compared to HDR. There are reports that AX-50 does more headshot damage in Warzone than Call of Duty Modern Warfare multiplayer. You can also go for Dragunov which is a semi-auto sniper rifle. Both of these snipers are pretty great for Warzone use.

Best SMG – Submachine Gun is usually great when playing on smaller maps. However, we don’t really recommend making this your primary weapon in Call of Duty Warzone. Since they are still very powerful at close range, Warzone players can clear buildings using SMGs. We suggest you get your hands on MP5 or an AUG.

Best LMG – LMGs are the most powerful weapons in Call of Duty but their handling is poor. If you can control it, the best weapons in Call of Duty Warzone come from this category. PKM and M-91 are the best LMGs in Warzone.

Best Marksman Rifle – If you are looking for a powerful weapon and have a good aim, this category is for you.  The ADS speed on these things are much better than sniper rifles. The best ones are MK2 and Kar98K.

Best Shotgun – Shotguns are just as powerful in Call of Duty Warzone as they are in Multiplayer. Get your hands on R9-0 or a 725 Shotgun.

This marks the end of our Call of Duty Warzone best weapons guide. If you want more help with the game check out our money farming, Gulag respawn, and how to get killstreaks.

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