All Confirmed Call of Duty Modern Warfare Season 4 Operators

Modern Warfare season 4 operators

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Season 4 is about to begin and one of the most asked questions is “who are the new operators this season?” Call of Duty Modern Warfare season 4 is adding two new operators via season 4 and fans have been eagerly waiting for these two to arrive. Season 2 brought Ghost and Season 3 gave us Alex. Call of Duty Modern Warfare season 4 operators will complete the Task for 141.

Modern Warfare Season 4 Operators

The story of Verdansk continues following the fall of Armistice. The region is becoming a big threat and to deal with this ongoing threat, Take Force 141 is “going dark.” There are four members/operators in Task Force 141. Two of the operators have already been added to the game with season 2 and season 3 – Alex and Ghost. With season 4, the team is complete thanks to the arrival of Captain Price and Kyle “Gaz” Garrick.

Captain Price is a legendary soldier we have known forever. This will be one of the rare times we will actually be able to play as Captain Price. Meanwhile, Kyle “Gaz” Garrick is the operative we met in Call of Duty Modern Warfare during the Piccadilly mission. At the end of the campaign mode, Captain Price asked for Kyle “Gaz” Garrick to be a member of Task Force 141. Kyle “Gaz” Garrick is supporting a brand new look as we saw in the Story So Far reveal trailer.

It is likely that Captain Price will be a level 1 reward for Call of Duty Modern Warfare Season 4 battle pass. Meanwhile, Kyle “Gaz” Garrick unlocks at a higher tier. It could be the other way around though, we’ll have to wait and see. But what’s confirmed is that Season 4 battle pass will feature Captain Price and Kyle “Gaz” Garrick as the two new operators.

Modern Warfare Season 4 operators are available for 900 COD points. You need to purchase the battle pass for 900 COD points which equate to $10. However, you purchased the season 3 battle pass and earned enough COD Points from it, you may be able to unlock the season 4 battle pass for free.

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