Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Battle Pass Disappears After New Update

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Battle Pass

I bought the Call Of Duty Modern Warfare season 2 Battle Pass when the season started but after the latest update, it has vanished. Interestingly, I still have the weapons and cosmetics that I earned but now when I level up, I do not get any more rewards. The game prompts me to buy the Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Battle Pass all over again.

When I first launched the game, my progression was all gone. I started off at level 1. After a round of TDM, things went back to normal when it comes to the general progression of the game. My rank was restored but the battle pass is still not there. The game keeps prompting me to buy it again and how the season is going to end in a few days.

My loudouts are still there with all my attachments and everything else. The game even knows the rank of my battle pass and tells me to buy it so that I can get all the rewards that are locked behind the battle pass but I do not know why it prompts me to buy it again even though I already did. I even have the 400 CP that I earned while playing the new season.

I do not know if there are other people that are facing the same issue. But I am disappointed that I lost my battle pass for a map that is not even all that great. CoD is a multi-million dollar franchise and while the developer is great at what it does, I can’t help but notice that when one thing is added or fixed, something else is broken in the process. This is something that we have seen since the launch of the game.

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