Call of Duty: Mobile Zombie Perks Guide: Best Perks, How To Get

Call of Duty: Mobile Zombie Perks

If you are a Call of Duty franchise fan you should know Zombies mode. Even if you aren’t a fan you might have heard of it because it’s so good. Call of Duty: Mobile has a Zombie mode as well with only one map named “Shi No Numa”. A unique thing as always and as well as in Zombie mode in COD: Mobile is that there are unlimited perks available. You can try out any perk you want and trust me they are useful so you are gonna need it. This guide will include all the details on all the Zombie perks in Call of Duty: Mobile and how to obtain them.

Call of Duty: Mobile Zombie Perks

Perks can be bought but be careful when buying them as they take time to activate. Therefore there might be a chance that a group undead are behind you when you are buying a perk. The following is a list of the Zombie perk in COD: Mobile:


This perk can be obtained by simply approaching the Deadshot Daiquiri Perk-a-Cola machine and spending a few points on it. It makes your crosshairs narrower by 35% and focuses the aim-assist lock-on upon the heads of the zombies. Using a knife will cause the blade to target the Zombie’s skull and face.

Quick Revive

This perk can be acquired in the starting room and is the first perk that you unlock. The perk allows you to revive teammates quicker, and even yourself if you’re playing solo.

Double Tap

This Root Beer is a Perk-a-Cola. It increases your rate of fire with all weapons, even slow ones like bolt-action rifles and pump-action shotguns. This perk is extremely useful against groups of undead zombies coming towards you altogether.

Call of Duty: Mobile Zombie Perks


This perk can be purchased and what it does is that it changes your max health from 100 to 250. With this perk, you won’t go down after two hits from a regular zombie. It is one of the most useful perks in the game as it gives you a whole lot of opportunities.

Double Tap 2.0

This perk is basically an extension of the perk Double Tap mentioned above. This perk increases your rate of fire way more than Double Tap and it also boosts your damage. This allows you to kill many Zombies quicker than normal.

Electric Cherry

Another useful perk which you should definitely obtain. Usually, when reloading you are vulnerable and might have died many times due to this. Well don’t worry having this perk creates shockwave around you whenever you start reloading. How far this shockwave reaches is determined by how many rounds you currently have in your magazine so a full mag will result in a maximum shockwave radius.

We will keep updating as we get more information on more perks so Stay Tuned.

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