COD Mobile has introduced a thrilling Zombie mode, reminiscent of its PC and console counterparts. With the mode comes the addition of various perks that can significantly enhance your gameplay. This guide will delve into the best perks available in the Zombie mode and how to obtain them.


For fans of the Call of Duty franchise, the Zombies mode is no stranger. In Call of Duty Mobile, the mode features the map “Shi No Numa“. One of the unique aspects of this mode is the unlimited perks available, which can be strategically used to boost your chances of survival.

All Perks In Call of Duty Mobile Zombies Mode

  1. Deadshot (Headshot): This perk narrows your crosshairs by 35%, focusing the aim-assist lock-on the zombies’ heads. When using a knife, the blade targets the zombie’s skull and face. It can be obtained from the Deadshot Daiquiri Perk-a-Cola machine.
  2. Quick Revive: Positioned in the starting room, this is the first perk you unlock. It allows for faster teammate revivals and even self-revival when playing solo.
  3. Double Tap: This perk increases the rate of fire for all weapons, making it especially useful when facing large hordes of zombies. It’s particularly beneficial for shotgun users.
  4. Juggernog: Upon purchasing, this perk boosts your max health from 100 to 250, allowing you to withstand more hits from regular zombies. It’s a game-changer, providing players with increased survival opportunities.
  5. Electric Cherry: This perk creates a shockwave around you when you start reloading, potentially saving you from zombies during vulnerable moments. The shockwave’s radius depends on the current rounds in your magazine.
  6. Speed Cola: Faster reload for all weapons.
  7. Double Tap 2.0: Faster fire rate and increase bullet damage against zombies.

How To Unlock Perks In Zombies Mode

To obtain these perks, players should scan the map for soda bottle icons. These icons indicate the location of perk machines. However, these perks aren’t free. Players need to accumulate points by eliminating zombies to purchase them.

Best Perks To Unlock First In COD Mobile Zombies

When diving into the Zombies mode in Call of Duty Mobile, it’s crucial to prioritize which perks to unlock first. The right perks can significantly enhance your gameplay, ensuring longer survival and more efficient zombie elimination. Here’s a list of the best perks to unlock early on:

  1. Quick Revive: This should be your top priority, especially if you’re playing solo or with a team. It allows for faster teammate revivals and even self-revival when playing alone. Positioned in the starting room, it’s the first perk you can access, making it a no-brainer for early acquisition.
  2. Juggernog: Survivability is key in Zombies mode. With Juggernog, your max health jumps from 100 to 250, allowing you to withstand more hits from the undead. This perk is a game-changer, especially during the early waves when you’re still gathering resources and weapons.
  3. Double Tap: As the waves progress, the number of zombies increases, and they become more resilient. The Double Tap perk, which boosts your weapon’s rate of fire, becomes invaluable. It allows you to eliminate zombies faster, especially when they start to swarm.
  4. Deadshot (Headshot): Maximizing damage is essential, and the Deadshot perk helps you do just that. By narrowing your crosshairs by 35% and focusing on the zombies’ heads, you can take down enemies more efficiently. Plus, if you’re using a knife, your attacks will target the zombie’s skull and face, ensuring quicker kills.
  5. Electric Cherry: While this might not seem like a top-tier perk initially, its utility becomes apparent in tight situations. When you’re cornered and need to reload, the Electric Cherry perk can be a lifesaver, emitting a shockwave that stuns nearby zombies.

Perks play a pivotal role in the Zombies mode of Call of Duty Mobile. They can be the difference between surviving a wave or getting overwhelmed by the undead. By understanding the perks and strategizing their use, players can significantly enhance their gameplay and enjoy a more enriched Zombies experience.

That is all for our Call of Duty: Mobile Zombie Perks guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on Tactical Nuke. You can also check out our Call of Duty Mobile weapons guide.