Call Of Duty Mobile Tips And Tricks Guide – Best Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Call of Duty Mobile Operator Skills Guide, Call Of Duty Mobile Tips And Tricks Guide

Call Of Duty Mobile Tips And Tricks Guide will help beginners with the best tips and tricks so that you can win matches and level up.

Call Of Duty Mobile Tips And Tricks

Call of Duty Mobile is the latest addition to the franchise. The game has been successful and a ton of players are enjoying it. Our Call Of Duty Mobile Tips and Tricks guide will help you with things that you should know in the beginning and the best tricks to win matches. For more on COD Mobile also see our Weapons Guide and Performance Guide.

Best Tips And Tricks

Before we dive into detailed tips that’ll help you in Call of Duty Mobile, the following are the best tips that’ll help you win.

Use the “Advanced” controls options as the standard controls waste ammo with its auto-fire. With Standard Controls, by the time you engage with someone, you won’t have ammo to go for a kill.

Practice With AI
Practice makes perfect and this also holds true for Call of Duty Mobile. If you want to know the layout of a certain map or just want to practice general gameplay, you can start a match with bots. While you won’t get any experience from these matches but they do provide a stress-free environment to practice your moves.

Always Stick Close To Teammates
In Battle Royale the only to increase your chances of survival if you stick close to your teammates. Even though, teamwork isn’t what Call of Duty franchise has taught us.

Join a Clan
Joining a clan is not so much about socializing with other players as it’s about XP. Join a clan in Call of Duty Mobile to get experience bonuses which help you level up fast.

Loadout Change
Don’t assume that the loadout you’ve selected is the one to play the entire match with. You can change your loadout between deaths. So, keep multiple loadouts ready for different situations as you won’t always be very good with a sniper. Also, these loadouts are only available for Call of Duty Mobile multiplayer mode.

General Tips

Before we delve into tips and tricks that’ll help you specifically in the multiplayer and Battle Royale mode of COD mobile, let’s go through some basic tips that’ll help you in both game modes.

Like all multiplayer games, you can communicate with players in Cod Mobile. You can also mute other players if you don’t desire to communicate. The button to mute or to use voice chat is the map screen.

Remember To Use secondary Weapons and Grenades
Sometimes in the heat of engagement with the enemy players, players often forget to use their secondary weapons like Pistols and sub-machine guns. make sure to remember to use grenades and secondary weapon while playing Call of Duty Mobile. Use them correctly, and you might even win.

Don’s Use Hip Fire
Hip fire is very inaccurate. Not only you’ll miss your target but it will also reveal your position for no reason. Always use aim down sights to engage with other players.

Weapon Skin Bonuses
Do keep in mind that weapon skins on COD Mobile grant small bonuses but weapon camos are just cosmetic.

Multiplayer Tips And Tricks

Now that we’ve covered basic tips and tricks in Call of Duty Mobile it’s time to discuss tricks that are useful in the Multiplayer mode.

Tweak You Loadout
After every time you level up, tweak your loadout because with every level you unlock new weapons that might help you better than your previous ones.

Fully level Up To Use All Loadout Slots
In order to utilize all of the slots in your loadout, you need to fully level up. As you level up, more loadout slots will open.

Use Scorestreak ASAP
As you acquire a scorestreak, remember to use it as soon as possible. In the heat of battle, players can forget they have scorestreak available and if you die then it’ll be wasted. So use the scorestreak as soon as you unlock it.

Battle Royale Tips

With the popularity of Battle Royale, Call of Duty couldn’t resist the urge to include it and Call of Duty Mobile also brings a Battle Royale mode. Here are the tips an tricks that will help you win in Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale.

Choose The Right Class
don’t choose a class that seems cool instead pick the clas that actually is compatible with your play style.

Item Pickup
You don’t need to manually pick up items during COD Mobile Battle Royale mode. If you look directly at them, your character will automatically pick it up. if you hover near an item for a second or so, it’ll also be picked up automatically.

The same goes for the item in the chest. As you open a chest, everything will be picked up automatically by your character.

Try To Stay In the Center of Circle
While the circle is always randomized in Battle Royale mode but it’s wise to stay in the center of the circle or at least try to get to the center. Also, Call of Duty Mobile doesn’t allow players to survive for long outside the circle.

Battle Royale Loadout
There are no weapons or gadgets in the COD Mobile Battle Royale loadout. The only thing to equip in your loadout slots are cosmetic items.

That is all for our Call Of Duty Mobile Tips And Tricks Guide with the best tips for beginners.