Call of Duty Mobile Tactical Nuke Guide – How to Nuke Enemies

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Tactical Nuke or simply Nuke is a secret killstreak in Call of Duty Mobile. If you’ve been playing Call of Duty games for a long time, you’ll probably remember them from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Wondering how to call in a Tactical Nuke in COD Mobile? We’ve got you covered!

Call of Duty Mobile Nuke

To unlock the Tactical Nuke in Call of Duty Mobile, you need to be at least Level 20. That’s when you unlock it. If you need help leveling up fast, feel free to check out our Level Up Fast Guide. Unlike other scorestreaks in the game, you don’t need to equip the Tactical Nuke – simply reach Level 20 and you’re done.

After you’ve unlocked it, all that remains is to call it in. In order to call in a Tactical Nuke in COD Mobile, you need to kill enemy players 20 times without dying. However, there’s a little catch. You can’t use any of your lethal scorestreaks like Stealth Chopper, Predator Missile, etc. to do that.

All the kills must come from your weapons or knife. Once you’ve reached 20-player killstreak, you’ll receive a notification that says, “Use Nuclear Bomb”. Open up this notification and call in the COD Nuke. You should see a small animation of your character calling it in. The Tactical Nuke in Call of Duty wipes the entire enemy team.

This is all we’ve got in our Call of Duty Mobile Tactical Nuke Guide. If you’re interested in learning more about the game, check out our Best Perks Guide, Operator Skills Guide, and Best Weapons Guide.


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