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How To Get Ray Gun In COD Mobile Zombies (All Methods)


The Ray Gun, a renowned weapon from the Call of Duty series, has made its way to the mobile version of the game. Known for its prowess in crowd control and its ability to “vaporize” zombies, the Ray Gun stands out as one of the most sought-after weapons in the Zombies mode. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get your hands on this powerful weapon.

All Methods To Get The Ray Gun In COD Mobile Zombies

The Ray Gun is not just another weapon; it’s a game-changer. Unlike traditional guns that shoot single bullets, the Ray Gun releases a shot that causes area damage. This makes it particularly effective against groups of zombies. While it doesn’t eliminate enemies with a single shot, 2-3 shots can easily take out groups of 5 or more zombies. Once acquired, players can also upgrade the Ray Gun to enhance its blast radius and efficiency. There are two known methods to get Ray Gun in Call of Duty (COD) Mobile Zombies:

The Mystery Box Method

The key to acquiring the Ray Gun lies in the Mystery Boxes. These boxes are your ticket to potentially obtaining the weapon. Initially, you can find the Mystery Box close to the Buff Shop on the 1st floor. However, these boxes have a usage limit. Once reached, they vanish and reappear in a new location. To find the new location, keep an eye on the map for a Bullet icon, which indicates the position of the next Mystery Box.

Collecting Coins for the Mystery Boxes

To open a Mystery Box, you’ll need 950 coins. Accumulating these coins is relatively straightforward. Simply eliminate zombies, especially around the Mystery Box area, to collect coins. The proximity to the Buff Shop also allows players to grab buffs while they’re at it.

Once you’ve gathered enough coins, approach the Mystery Box and open it. While there’s no guarantee that the Ray Gun will appear on your first attempt, persistence is key. If the Ray Gun doesn’t show up, don’t be disheartened. You might still get other powerful weapons to help you survive. If the Mystery Box changes its location, move quickly to the new spot before your teammates exhaust the box’s limit. Typically, after a few tries, the Ray Gun should be within your grasp.

It’s worth noting that obtaining the Ray Gun in a single attempt is rare. Players might need to repeat the process multiple times. However, with determination and a bit of luck, the Ray Gun will soon be part of your arsenal.

The Coffin Dance Easter Egg Method

For those looking for an alternative method with a higher likelihood of obtaining the Ray Gun in COD Zombies, the Coffin Dance Easter Egg is the way to go. Here’s how:

  • Prerequisites: Ensure you have the Pack-A-Punch built into the Die Maschine mission.
  • Locate the Five Orbs: Once the Maschine is constructed, search for five orbs in the vicinity and shoot them. The orb locations are:
    1. Near the entrance door of the power room, to the extreme left. Look for an upside-down yellow chair and spot the orb between the computers.
    2. Near the Pack-A-Punch Maschine, look up at the ceiling on the left.
    3. Directly to the left of the first orb. Stay close to the wall and find the orb between a grating. Crouch for a better shot angle.
    4. Head to the platform below the Maschine. Jump over the arsenal that upgrades weapons and armor to find the orb in a dark corner.
    5. Further down the platform, locate a window-type barrier where zombies emerge. The orb is in its left corner.
  • Enter the Dark Aether Realm: After shooting all orbs, an anomaly will appear, transporting you to the Dark Aether Realm. Here, you’ll witness seven zombies imitating the viral coffin dance meme.
  • Open the Coffin: Once the zombies finish their dance, a coffin will be placed on the ground. Open it to discover various items and perks. While the Ray Gun isn’t guaranteed, the odds of finding it here are significantly higher than other methods.

While the Ray Gun is a formidable weapon, acquiring it requires a mix of strategy, persistence, and a bit of luck. Follow this guide, stay persistent, and soon, you’ll be wielding the Ray Gun in Call of Duty Mobile against hordes of zombies.

That is all for our Call of Duty: Mobile Ray Gun guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on the best perks that you should use against zombies.

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