Perks have always been a staple of COD games and Call of Duty Mobile is no different. Our Perks Guide will give you a complete overview of all the Perks in Call of Duty for mobile, unlocking them, and detailing the best perks to increase your combat effectiveness.


Call of Duty Mobile has a ton of great perks you can use in the multiplayer mode. If you are trying to figure out what are the best perks and how to unlock them, you came to the right place. In total, there are 18 perks in COD Mobile multiplayer mode. All Call of Duty games features special perks you can equip for bonus effects during matches. In COD Mobile you can select three different perks for your loadout from a pool of 18 perks.

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For the uninitiated, Perks in Call of Duty games are abilities that provide players with a variety of effects. An example can be Sleight of Hand from the previous Call of Duty games that increase reload speed. Another one called Ghost prevents you from being detected by enemy UAV – a scorestreak that marks opposing players on the mini-map.


As you can tell, if chosen correctly, Perks can be a game-changer. To help you choose the best perks in Call of Duty Mobile and to unlock them in the first place, we’ve got this COD Mobile Perks Guide. Perks are divided into three different categories – Red, Blue, and Green. Using the best perks can give you an edge in multiplayer matches and boost your rank in Call of Duty Mobile. Below you will find all of the perks and effects explained.

But before we start, there are some things to note:

  1. Perks are only available in COD Mobile Multiplayer Mode
  2. Battle Royale doesn’t have any Perks
  3. Perks are divided into three categories: Red, Green, Blue
  4. A Call of Duty Mobile loadout can only have 3 Perks in total
  5. You need to be at least Level 12 to have one perk from each category.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about Red, Green, and Blue Perks in COD Mobile:

Red Perks

Red Perks in Call of Duty are the first set of perks that you’ll unlock. The first Red Perk you’ll unlock in Call of Duty Mobile unlocks at Level 4.


Fast Recover
This perk unlocks at Level 4. With Fast Recover active, you’ll increase your health recovery rate by 35%.

You’ll unlock this Red Perk at Level 14. With Persistence active, your scorestreaks won’t reset upon you dying but the cost of earning these scorestreaks will double up.

This perk unlocks at Level 22. Lightweight is a perk from mainstream Call of Duty games. It increases your running speed by 10% and reduces fall damage.

Agile Red Perk unlocks at Level 30. With Agile equipped, you’ll be able to ADS (Aim Down Sights) and vault over objects 85% faster after running.


Flak Jacket
Another perk from mainstream Call of Duty games, Flak Jacket unlocks at Level 39. When equipped, you’ll take 35% less damage from explosions.

Unlocked at Level 45, Skulker increases your movement speed by 12% when walking or crouching.

Green Perks

The second set of COD Mobile Perks you’ll unlock is Green Perks, the first one of which you’ll unlock at Level 6. Here are all the Green Perks in Call of Duty for mobile devices:

Unlocked at Level 6, Vulture is referred to as Scavenger in mainstream Call of Duty games. With Vulture equipped, you’ll be able to pick up ammo from dead enemies.

You’ll unlock this Green Perk at Level 16. Toughness reduces flinching when being shot at by 60%. This allows you to fire back and have a chance to win more gunfights.

Unlocked at Level 24, Tracker lets you see enemy footprints for 4 seconds. One of the most powerful perks, it can help you protect your flanks and make plays.

You unlock Cold-Blooded at Level 32. When equipped, you’re not targeted by enemy scorestreaks like UAV, Airstrikes, etc.

Hard Wired
This perk unlocks at Level 41 and provides you immunity against Counter UAV, EMP Grenades, Land Mines, and enemies with Tracker perk active.

The final Green Perk unlocks at Level 47 and keeps you undetected from enemy UAVs.

Blue Perks

The first Blue Perk in Call of Duty Mobile unlocks at Level 12. Perks belonging to Blue Perks category are the last perks you’ll unlock in the game.

Hardline increases the scorestreak points earned with kills by 25% and unlocks at Level 12.

Demo Expert
This perk in Call of Duty Mobile increases the explosives damage by 25%. It unlocks at Level 20 and can be countered by Flak Jacket.

Dead Silence
Unlocked at Level 20, Dead Silence reduces the sound of your footsteps.

A niche perk that unlocks at Level 37, Engineer allows you to reveal enemy equipment, scorestreaks, re-roll Care Packages, and even booby-trap enemy Care Packages.

Tactical Mask
Unlocked at Level 43, Tactical Mask decreases the duration of Tactical Equipment such as Stun Grenades, Flashbangs, etc. by 40%.

The final perk that you can unlock in Call of Duty Mobile is Alert that unlocks at Level 51 and makes it easier for you to hear enemy footsteps.

Call of Duty Mobile Best Perks

Now that we’ve detailed all the perks in the game, it goes without saying that some perks are better than the others. In this section of the guide, we’ve detailed some of the best perks that you can use in Call of Duty Mobile:


In Call of Duty Mobile, one of the best perks you will find is Agile. This is a red perk which brings down your aim down sight (ADS) after sprinting by 85 percent. This will allow you to target your enemies more accurately on COD Mobile. This perk is really useful in Season 6 of Call of Duty Mobile. Agile will let you draw faster.

Fast Recover

Managing energy is a crucial in COD Mobile and Fast Recover helps you with it. The perk allow you to recover energy faster. Your character will experience a 35% faster health recovery.  When you are taking damage and health is low, faster recovery can make a big difference. This perk unlocks very early on at level 4. It is one of the best perks for new players who join the game.


Most Call of Duty players love Team Deathmatch mode. If you also love Team Deathmatch, use the Vulture to replenish your ammo. Using this perk you can some ammo back from your kills. Vulture is a regular ammo replenishment system that helps you maintain killstreaks. While this perk is great for Team Deathmatch, you can do without it in Domination.

Dead Silence

Dead Silence is a blue perk that you can unlock early on in the blue perk tree. It is useful in many Call of Duty Mobile multiplayer modes. Enemies won’t be able to listen to your footsteps and track your movements through walls or hear you coming from behind. This perk can greatly increase your chances to surprise enemies and flank. Use Dead Silence if you love getting those knife kills.


One of the best perks in Call of Duty Mobile is Toughness. It brings down flinching when you are being shot at. This allow you to maintain a steady aim while shooting back at the enemy. Toughness is useful in all game modes of Call of Duty Mobile.


Hardline has a big impact on many multiplayer modes. Hardline will give you additional Scorestreak points by 25%. We strongly recommend using this perk as it allows you to trigger Scorestreak gear and brings down the number of consecutive kills required.

From the Perk 1 category, try to go for Agile or Fast Recovery. If you’re someone like me who runs a lot and aims less, Agile will help you ADS a lot faster and keep on going with Fast Recover. However, if you like to keep your scorestreaks going, you can also try out Persistence.

From the Perk 2 category, I suggest going for Vulture (Scavenger). This should allow you to keep on going without worrying about running out of ammo – ever! However, this requires you to be good winning gunfights.

And lastly, from the Perk 3 category, we’d recommend either Dead Silence or Toughness. Dead Silence will allow you to be stealthy as a ninja and score a whole lot of kills. On the other hand, you can also use Toughness if you’re having a hard time winning one-on-one gunfights.

This is all there’s we’ve got in our COD Mobile Perks Guide. For more on Call of Duty Mobile, check out our Best Weapons Guide Best Settings Guide, and Operator Skills Guide.