Call of Duty Mobile Operator Skills Guide – How to Unlock, Best Operator Skills, Tips

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Operator Skills in Call of Duty for mobile are powerful weapons/abilities (with an exception) that you can unlock in the Multiplayer Mode. These Operator Weapons deal massive amounts of damage and can be game-changing if used at the right opportunity. This Call of Duty Mobile Operator Skills Guide will give you a brief rundown of all Operator Abilities in COD Mobile.

Call of Duty Mobile Operator Skills

There are a total of 6 Operator Skills in COD Mobile. 5 of them are already available to unlock and the last one is yet to be released. These Operator Skills are:

  1. Purifier
  2. Scythe
  3. War Machine
  4. Tempest
  5. Transform Shield
  6. Sparrow – to be released

In this Operator Skills Guide, we’ll walk you through unlocking all the Operator Skills in COD Mobile, some tips to help you make the most out of them, and the best Operator Weapons that you should consider using.

1. Purifier
Purifier Operator Skill unlocks at Level 4. The skill allows you to wield a flamethrower that fires a stream of scorching fire that deals a massive amount of damage to enemies in close range. Since its effective range is less, try to use it during close-range engagements only.

2. Scythe
You unlock the Scythe Operator Skill at Level 15. With this skill, you get a hand-held minigun that if fired continuously gains improves accuracy. If utilized properly, Scythe in Call of Duty Mobile can easily mow down foes at long range since it almost becomes a laser-sight at the end of its duration.

3. War Machine
War Machine Operator Skill unlocks at Level 26. It’s a fully-auto Grenade Launcher with incredible damage output. If you can find a few enemies clumped up around an objective, go in with the War Machine and you’ll be surprised to see it in action.

4. Tempest
You unlock the Tempest Operator Skill in COD Mobile at Level 35. Tempest is a unique ability from Call of Duty standards. What it does is that it sends out a lightning bolt (must be charged by holding down the fire button) at a targeted area that can hit upto 9 enemies if they’re within close proximity of each other.

5. Transform Shield
Transform Shield Operator Skill is unlocked at Level 50. As the name of the skill suggests, it allows you to place a deformable shield that provides additional cover for you and your teammates. It can be pretty handy in a few situations.

6. Sparrow
Sparrow in Call of Duty Mobile is yet to release. When released, it will fire devastating arrows. The longer you draw the Sparrow, the more powerful the arrows will be.

Best Operator Skills

As I mentioned under the Transform Shield, Operator Skills in COD Mobile are situational. Each one of them can change the outcome of a battle if used correctly. But if we were to choose our 3 best Operator Skills, those would be:

  1. Scythe
  2. War Machine
  3. Purifier

Scythe is arguably the best Operator Skill right now in Call of Duty Mobile. Continue to press the fire button and the thing becomes equivalent to a laser sight. War Machine can also prove to be devastating depending on the positioning of your enemies and the type of map you’re playing on.

Lastly, the Purifier requires you to be in an extremely close-range of your enemies. If you’re playing on a map like Hijacked or Nuke Town, try giving it a spin.

This is all we’ve got in our COD Mobile Operator Skills Guide. For more help on Call of Duty, check out our Best Perks Guide, Best Settings Guide, and Best Weapons Guide.


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