Call of Duty Mobile Level Up Fast Guide – Best Loadouts, XP Farming, Rank Up Fast

Call of Duty Mobile Level Up Fast Guide

In this Call of Duty Mobile Leveling Guide, we’ve shared some helpful tips and tricks that will help you level up fast in the game. We’ll suggest the best loadouts, game modes you should focus on playing more, and some general things to follow while you’re playing COD Mobile.

Level Up Fast in Call of Duty Mobile

Ranking up in Call of Duty Mobile is arguably one of the most important aspects of the game. Almost everything from the Best Weapons to Perks, Operator Skills, and Scorestreaks have a certain level requirement that you must meet to unlock them.

However, before we begin, the most important thing to keep in mind while playing COD Mobile is to have fun. You don’t really need to hit Level 120 in a day if that’s not your cup of tea. Play the game at your own pace and you’ll get there eventually.

For those of you who like to be ahead of your competition at every step, here are some leveling tips that will help you farm XP and rank up fast in Call of Duty Mobile.

Best Loadout to Rank Up Fast

  • Primary: AK-47 or M4 with Quickdraw, Extended Mags, and Foregrip
  • Secondary: SMRs or FHJ-18
  • Perks: Fast Recover, Vulture, Hardline/Toughness
  • Operator Skill: Scythe
  • Scorestreaks: UAV, Counter UAV, Stealth Chopper

This loadout isn’t obviously set in stone and you can always make the necessary changes to come up with something that suits you the best. The purpose of this loadout is to include things that are accessible early in the game and will help you stay alive.

For the scorestreaks, we recommend support-based ones since these will allow you to help out your teammates and rack up kills.

Best Game Modes to Level Up Fast
While I’d always suggest the game mode that you enjoy the most, otherwise, the grind for leveling will start to feel like a chore. However, I’d recommend trying out Team Deathmatch of Domination.

TDM should allow you to rack up some quick kills and is good if you don’t like to play objective-based game modes. If you, however, like game modes like Domination, do try them out. Not only will you rack up XP by scoring kills but you’ll also earn XP for playing the objective – controlling and holding zones.

Join a Clan
COD Mobile rewards players who play together and this is where the game’s Clan System comes in. Joining a clan in Call of Duty Mobile is a great way to find people to play together and earn some XP on the side.

It’s needless to say but a full team will topple a team of random teammates a majority of the time. By joining a clan, you’ll not only take advantage of the game’s shared XP system but will most likely win more games – all resulting in you leveling up fast.

Level Up Fast Tips and Tricks
In addition to the things mentioned earlier, try to control more objectives in objective-based game modes such as Domination. You should also try to cycle between your scorestreaks. Call in a UAV, play a little safe and call in a Counter UAV, and combine them both to get your Stealth Chopper, which will help you rack some even more kills.

Lastly, always take a moment to shoot down enemy scorestreaks. Everything from UAV, Counter UAV, to Stealth Choppers can be shot down with SMRs and FHJ-18. But before doing so, make sure that you aren’t surrounded by enemies.

This is all we’ve got in our Call of Duty Mobile Ranking Up Fast Guide. If you’re interested in learning more about COD Mobile, be sure to check out our Perks Guide, Weapons Tier List Guide, and Operator Skills Guide.