Call of Duty Mobile Credits and COD Points Farming Guide

Call of Duty Mobile Credits and COD Points Farming Guide

There are two types of currencies to use in COD Mobile: Credits and COD Points. You can earn Credits by completing different in-game activities while the COD Points can only be purchased via microtransactions. Our Call of Duty Mobile Credits and COD Points Farming Guide will help you learn all about earning these currencies without spending real-life money.

Farm Credits and COD Points in Call of Duty Mobile

Credits in COD Mobile will always be your primary currency for buying weapons, upgrades for weapons, tokens to change names, and more. Luckily, there are quite a few methods to earn a good amount of Credits in COD Mobile.

Earning Credits in COD Mobile
Unlike COD Points, you don’t need a Call of Duty Mobile Battle Pass to earn Credits – more on it later. Some of the ways using which you can earn Credits in Call of Duty Mobile include:

  • Complete the daily/weekly tasks
  • Login daily to receive 500 Credits [Once per Week]
  • Watch ads to earn a small amount of Credits on the side
  • Participate and complete the limited-time event challenges
  • If you’ve got a Battle Pass, rank it up to earn as much as 4,000 Credits

These are some of the things that reward you with Credits in COD Mobile. Most of the time, you’ll already be working toward them without even knowing. Even then, it’s a good practice to keep an eye out on them to maximize your Credits.

Earning COD Points in COD Mobile
As mentioned earlier, earning COD Points require you to spend real-life money. The best way to keep on earning COD Points is to invest in a Battle Pass one time for £9.99 and continue to rank it up to earn additional Call of Duty Points.

If you continue to rank up your Battle Pass throughout the season, you should’ve enough COD Points at the end of the season to purchase the next Battle Pass or any items that you desire. In addition to COD Points, unlocking Battle Pass tiers will also reward you with various in-game items.

I should also mention it here but as an F2P player, you’ll rarely come across another player who had paid his or her way to better equipment than yours. With that being said, this is all we’ve got in our COD Mobile Currency Farming Guide.

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