Monday, March 4, 2024

Bungie To Increase Monetization To Save Company Board?


In a development that could significantly alter the dynamics at Bungie, Sony is reportedly positioned to potentially assume control of the company’s board, a move that would end Bungie’s status as an ‘independent subsidiary.’ A detailed report from IGN, published earlier today, highlights Sony’s imposition of stringent financial targets on Bungie.

Failure to achieve these financial benchmarks may result in Sony overseeing Bungie’s board. This comes at a critical time for Bungie, as the company is currently channeling significant resources into the development of Marathon, while also delaying the release of ‘Destiny 2: The Final Shape’ DLC to the next fiscal year. These developments raise questions about the future of Destiny 2, specifically the possibility of ramped-up monetization efforts in the near future.

Bungie may find itself compelled to augment the monetization of Destiny 2, a strategy seen as a necessary measure to safeguard its board from dissolution by Sony. This scenario unfolds amidst a challenging backdrop, marked by a recent spate of layoffs that have adversely impacted staff morale.

The layoffs, attributed to Bungie’s inability to meet its financial objectives, are part of a broader cost-cutting strategy that reportedly includes trimming travel expenditures and eliminating holiday bonuses, among other measures.

Amidst speculation, there is growing concern over additional layoffs, particularly if ‘The Final Shape’ fails to deliver a robust financial return, pleasing Sony. Under these circumstances, not only the staff but also the board itself might face repercussions from the Japanese technology conglomerate.

It is important to note, however, that Sony’s capability to assume control of Bungie’s board does not necessarily imply an immediate intention to do so. Meeting revenue targets could avert further staff reductions and prevent a potential board takeover, leaving the decision firmly in Sony’s court.

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