Bungie Already Working On Its Next “Visually-inspired AAA title”

Bungie Destiny 3

Destiny 2 creator Bungie is already hard at work on its next AAA title. The studio is looking for multiple developers to create a “visually-inspired AAA title.”

The studio is looking for Senior Environment Artist, Environment Artist, 3D Generalist, and more to create whatever comes next. Bungie recently severed ties with Activision and is now a fully independent studio. While some assumed Bungie won’t have enough capital to create a AAA experience anymore, surely that isn’t the case.

Environment Artist

A game is nothing without awe-inspiring environments for the player to inhabit. These environments must be envisioned and made real by the artists that will create them. Bungie is looking for journeymen and fresh talent eager to join an incredible team of project artists responsible for adding an unprecedented level of style and scale to our next AAA title

3D Generalist

Bungie is looking for skilled, talented individuals capable of taking an idea or sketch and fully realizing it as an impeccably detailed asset.

The 3D Generalist must be capable of functionality such as mechanical props, FX, and animating simple rigged assets. This is an amazing opportunity to work with world-class art talent to develop a visually-inspired AAA title.

Special Effects Artist

We’re seeking an experienced Special Effects Artist with the right blend of artistic inspiration and technical savvy to create effects for our next AAA project.

These are just a few examples from a plethora of new job listings from Bungie. What we can tell so far is that this new game is going to be visually stunning, features special effects, combat, cinematic, and comes with a multiplayer mode.

Could this be Destiny 3? Well, there is nothing in there that says “new IP” or “Destiny 3” so can’t be sure of what direction Bungie is heading with its next AAA game.

There isn’t anything about what platforms this game is releasing on but it is certainly arriving on PlayStation 5, Xbox Scarlett, and PC. Bungie might not continue supporting current-gen consoles beyond Destiny 2.