Nintendo Switch prices have skyrocketed ever since the demand got out of hand and the console sold out. Nowadays, even a used Nintendo Switch can cost you around $450 if not more. People have been making a lot of money selling expensive Nintendo Switch units. If you are not interested in spending that kind of cash and are not interested in waiting either then you can build your own Nintendo Switch for around $199, which is much less than what people online are asking for.


The following are the different parts that you are going to need in order to build your own Switch:

Build Nintendo Switch

  • Game Cartridge Card Slot Socket Board w/Headphones Port – $15
  • NS Console Micro SD TF Memory Card Slot Port Socket Reader – $5
  • Nintendo Switch HAC-001 CPU Cooling Heatsink – $7
  • Game Cartridge Card Plastic Cover – $1
  • Console Speaker Replacement Parts For Nintendo Switch Built-in speaker – $8
  • Wifi Antenna Connecting Cable (Short) – $2
  • Wifi Antenna Connecting Cable (Long) – $2
  • Internal Cooling Fan – $3
  • Power & Volume Button control flex cable (w/ buttons and rubber conductor) – $4
  • Side Slider Sliding Rail Flex Cable (Left) – $3
  • Side Slider Sliding Rail Flex Cable (Right) – $3
  • Replacement Top Housing Shell Case Face plate -$6
  • Nintendo Switch Console Replacement Battery (New) – $15
  • Replacement Bottom Housing Shell Transparent Case Face plate -$5
  • Touch Screen Digitizer Adhesive – $0.50
  • Touch Screen Digitizer – $9
  • LCD Display Screen Replacement – $12
  • Shield Plate – $2
  • Iron Middle Frame – $6
  • (Not Pictured Here) – Full Screw Replacement Set – $2
  • (Not Pictured Here) – (Removal of Copper Sicker on CPU)

Add all that and you get a total of around $199 if you use spare parts. The average price on eBay is around $300-400. So you are going to save a lot of money if you do go ahead and build your own Nintendo Switch. Obviously, it is not as easy as it may sound. Here is a complete step by step guide on how you can put all the parts together and build your own Nintendo Switch.