How to Build a Smelter in Dyson Sphere Program

Dyson Sphere Program Smelter

At its heart, Dyson Sphere Program is a factory building simulator. There are many different parts of it that come together to create a complex experience. Many aspects of the game can be hard to understand, for example, the process of smelting ores and building your first smelter. In this quick guide, I will explain everything there is to know on how to build a smelter in Dyson Sphere Program to smelt ores.

Dyson Sphere Program: How to Build the Smelter to Smelt Ores

Ore and other resources are key to your progression in the game. You can easily smelt ore inside the Replicator, however, it takes longer than it would inside a smelter. To speed up the process you need to build a smelter in Dyson Sphere Program. To build a smelter you must research the Automatic Metallurgy technology in the tech tree. You need 10 Magnetic Coils and 10 Circuit Boards for this and items can be crafted inside the Replicator.

You also need sorters and conveyor belts, unlock them through the Basic Logistics System in the tech tree. These items require 10 Gears and 10 Circuit Boards. After you successfully research these technologies place the components. Go over to one of the Mining Machines and inspect it to make sure you are getting at least 6 ore.

Go to the Logistics Menu and select the Conveyor Belt MK.1 and extend the conveyor belts. It is best to extend them a few blocks away from the mining equipment. Now place the smelter at the very end of the conveyor and use a sorter as a bridge.

And that’s all you need to know on how to build a smelter in Dyson Sphere Program. Also, check out how to build interstellar logistics stations, beginner’s guide, resources.

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