Bugsnax is a charming game with a lot of stuff for the player to do. This also includes collecting sauces and in this Bugsnax Sauces Locations Guide, we will help players with where to find the sauces.

Where To Find Sauces

There are a total of six sauces that players can collect in Bugznax for the Sauce Slinger. Having all of them is very useful as each Bugsnax reacts differently to the different sauce.

To get sauces, players first need to find the respective Sauce Plant. Once players have found it, Wambus will start growing the plant in his sauce farm. Players can use these plants to refill the sauce. The following are the locations for these sauce plants.

Ketchup Location

The sauce plant for Ketchup is located in Garden Grove.

Chocolate Location

The Sauce plant for Chocolate can be found in Shimmering Sands and later in Boiling Bay.

Hot Sauce Location

Scorched Gorge is where players will find the sauce plant for Hot Sauce.

Peanut Butter Location

Sauce plant for Peanut Butter sauce can be found in Sugarpine Woods.

Cheese Location

Sizzlin’ Sands is where players will find the Sauce Plant for Cheese.

Ranch Sauce Location

Return to Flavor Falls to find the Sauce Plant for Ranch sauce.

That is all for our Bugsnax Sauces Locations Guide with tips on the locations of all the sauces in the game. For more on the game, also see our How To Increase Inventory Guide and All Clues Locations To Find Lizbert Guide.

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