In this Bugsnax puzzle guide, we’ll get into solving two of the game’s most intriguing optional puzzles: the Secrets of the Dunes and the Lava Puzzle. These puzzles, hidden within the sandy expanses of Sizzlin’ Sands and the fiery depths of Boiling Bay, offer players the opportunity to unlock shortcuts and earn trophies Solving these puzzles with create gateway between the two locations so you can fast travel.


Secret of the Lava Cave Puzzle Solution

To begin, make your way to Boiling Bay. Once you’re there, cross the small lava river and turn right to enter the lava cavern. Inside this cavern, you’ll find a large room with a pool of lava and a lava waterfall. On the back wall of this room, you’ll see four statues.

The straws protruding from each statue’s mouth indicate the order in which you should interact with the statues. Approach each statue and press the Square button to activate them. When activated, the statues will lower into the ground.

The solution to this puzzle, from left to right, is: 4, 2, 3, 1. As I mentioned above, once you solve this puzzle you will open a shortcut to Sizzlin’ Sands and unlock the trophy – That Reminds Me of a Puzzle.

Bugsnax Lava Cave puzzle solution.

Secret of the Dunes Puzzle Solution

To crack the Secret of the Dunes puzzle, you need to start at a place called Sizzlin’ Sands. When you get there, make your way to the far left side. You’ll find four statues there, and each one is pointing a different way.

To figure out this puzzle, you need to pay attention to which way the statues are looking at each other. You have to activate, or turn on, the statues in a certain order. The right order is: Back right (1), front left (2), back left (3), front right (4). When you solve this puzzle, you’ll open up a shortcut that takes you straight to Boiling Bay. Plus, you’ll get a trophy called “That Reminds Me of a Puzzle.”

Bugsnax  Dunes Puzzle Solution.

That’s the end of our guide on how to solve Lava Cave and Dunes puzzles in Bugsnax. Head over to our Bugsnax Wiki page for more content.


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