When players start Bugsnax, their inventory is very limited. In this Bugsnax Guide, we will help with how to increase the inventory size.

How To Increase Inventory Size

As the players start the game, they are only able to store 6 Bugsnax due to limited inventory. However, players can upgrade the inventory as they progress through the game and here is how to expand inventory size.

The first step to expanding the inventory in Bugsnax is simple. Get Gramble to come back to Snaxburg. After that, start the Gramble’s sidequest. Players need to start the “Gramble Grows His Horde” sidequest which requires players to donate 6 Bugsnax in the donation box located near his barn.

Players can donate any six Bugsnax and there is no restriction. Players can donate all different Bugsnax or all same Bugsnax. Do that, and Gramble will reward players by increasing the inventory size from 6 slots to 8 slots.

Once the quest is complete, players can still donate Bugsnax to Gramble. Donate 12 Bugsnax and the inventory will be upgraded from 8 slots to 12 slots. Keep donating Bugsnax to increase the inventory slots. Of course, after every update players need to donate more Bugsnax for the next upgrade. 18 slots is the max limit for the inventory slots. Meaning, players can’t upgrade their inventory above 18 slots.

That is all for our Bugsnax Guide on how to increase the inventory size. For more on the game, also see our All Clues Location To Find Lizbert.

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