In Bugsnax, one of the fun aspects of the game is the ability to collect various hats for your Bugsnax, adding a touch of personal flair to your gameplay. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to get these hats and gats in the game.


The journey to hat collection in Bugsnax begins with your progress in the game. As you advance, new locations will become available for you to explore. If you don’t see a new location, try sleeping for a full day and check again. If that doesn’t work, complete side quests and progress the main storyline to trigger the next hat location in Bugsnax.

The board on the side of Gramble’s barn will indicate the current location of your available hat, if there is one. You get access to the board only after you are able to find the first hat, which isn’t that hard to do. When you’re near a Bugsnak with a hat, you’ll hear a musical chime in the background. If you’re on a hat hunting mission, consider turning down the game’s music to make the chime easier to hear.

How to Get Every Hat in Bugsnax

To get a hat, you need to catch the Bugsnax wearing it. Simply trapping the Bugsnak won’t suffice; the Bugsnak needs to be in your bag for you to claim the hat. As soon as you collect one hat, another should spawn as long as you’ve met the conditions for it. You can then go back to check any updates on the board. Sometimes, hats don’t appear right away, so you may need to sleep until the next day.


While there’s an achievement for collecting 10 hats, there are a total of 25 hats in the game. Two of these hats are only available around Halloween and Christmas. If you want to get these hats at any time, you can change your computer’s clock before launching Bugsnax, and they should be available.

Full Hats List

  1. Bucket Hat
  2. Chandlo’s Cap
  3. Chef Hat
  4. Clumby’s Hat
  5. Royal Crown
  6. Eggabell’s Hat
  7. Graduation Cap
  8. Gramble’s Beanie
  9. Jester Hat
  10. Lizbert’s Hat
  11. Party Hat
  12. Pirate Hat
  13. Propeller Hat
  14. Sauce Guzzler
  15. Shelda’s Crown
  16. Skull Hat
  17. Snorpy’s Cap
  18. Stacked Hats
  19. Straw Hat
  20. Top Hat
  21. Triffany’s Helmet
  22. Wambus’s Hat
  23. Santa’s Hat
  24. Witch’s Hat
  25. Chandlo’s Cap (Front)

That’s the end of our guide Bugsnax hats and where to find them. Did I miss any hat? Let me know in the comments below.


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