The world of Bugsnax is filled with exciting adventures and challenging battles. One such challenge is the legendary Cheddaboardle Rex, the king of cheese, introduced in the Isle of Bigsnax update. This guide will provide you with a comprehensive strategy to defeat Cheddaboardle Rex, the cheese monster.


Where to Find Legendary Bugsnax Cheddaboardle Rex

To start the battle with Cheddaboardle Rex, you must first complete the quests assigned by Chandlo, Floofty, Shelda, and Triffany on Broken Tooth Island. Once these quests are completed, and the Grumpuses have learned to cooperate, you can work together to enter the temple at the center of the island.

The Grumpuses will introduce their new invention, a supersized Strabby for your Buggy Ball. Use this to shatter the rock that once troubled Triffany, and you can enter the inner sanctum, which suspiciously resembles an arena. Follow the quest objectives until you’re instructed to place your Buggy Ball into the launcher on the right side of the arena. Launching the Buggy Ball with your Snakgrappler will trigger the encounter with Cheddaboardle Rex.

How to Beat and Catch Cheddaboardle Rex in Bugsnax

The battle with Cheddaboardle Rex is the most complex among all legendary Bugsnax in the game. You’ll be joined by three Cheddorbs in the arena, which will roll into you and block certain mechanics, prolonging the fight. The battle is divided into five brief phases.


First Phase

As the battle starts, you’ll notice two large, immobile Lunchpads at both ends of the arena. The Cheddaboardle Rex will start its offensive by lifting a Cheddorb and hurling it towards you. Your strategy here should be to position yourself behind a Lunchpad, allowing the Cheddorb to fit into it. Once it does, utilize your Snakgrappler to propel the Cheddorb back at the boss. This action needs to be repeated twice, leading you to the next phase. Remember, each Lunchpad can only be used once as it disintegrates after a single use.

Second Phase

The second phase is marked by the emergence of two rock-encased Lunchpads from the ground. You won’t be able to use them to counterattack the boss immediately – they need to be liberated first. To achieve this, collect some Shrink Spice from the arena’s side altar. Use it to shrink a Cheddorb, which will then navigate its way into a rock mound, causing it to crumble. Now, these Lunchpads are ready for use once they are filled with Cheddorbs. The same strategy from the first phase applies here, launching Cheddorbs at the Cheddaboardle Rex.

Third Phase

With the Lunchpads no longer available, two vertical slots will appear at the ends of the arena. In this phase, your task is to trick the Cheddaboardle Rex into launching Cheddorbs towards the wall slots. When a Cheddorb rolls in your direction, evade it. It will then ascend the wall and get lodged in the slot, revealing a device that can be grappled to strike back at the giant cheese board. Repeat this action twice.

Fourth Phase

In this phase, your Buggy Ball is returned, and a large wall maze is unveiled. This maze is merely an enlarged version of the ones you solved with Shelda earlier on the island. Guide Buggy through the maze. You can disregard the Cheddaboardle Rex at this point – with the Cheddorbs gone, it can only throw rocks at you, which is not a threat. There’s no risk of dying or failing. Once Buggy navigates through the maze, it will be launched at the boss, breaking the cloche.


Final Phase

The last phase is quite simple and involves three steps:

  • Apply Shrink Spice to the Cheddaboardle Rex to reduce it to a manageable size.
  • Inflict further damage on the Cheddaboardle Rex with the Trip Shot to shrink it even more.
  • Capture it with the Bug Net.

With these steps, the battle with Cheddaboardle Rex ends, and you’re one step away from completing the update’s storyline. Feed the defeated Bugsnax to Chandlo, and you’re ready to return home.

How to Refight Cheddaboardle Rex

When you return to Broken Tooth after completing the quest, you’ll discover a statue amidst rubble inside the temple’s sanctum. Similar to other Legendary Bugsnax, this statue offers you the opportunity to re-challenge the boss if you wish.

That’s all you need to know on how to beat and catch legendary Cheddaboardle Rex in Bugsnax. There are other Bugsnax you can catch including Daddy Cakelegs, Mothza Supreme, and Mama Mewon.



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