Bravely Default 2 has many different gameplay mechanics including but not limited to abilities. Some of the jobs come pre-equipped with one or more specialties. These have special effects during the battles, for example, the Vanguard is able to equip a shield without worrying about the negative impact on speed and aim. In this guide, I will explain everything you need to know about specialties in Bravely Default 2.


All Bravely Default 2 Specialities

Job  Specialties  Effects 
Bard  Extended Outro  Singing Ability effects last a turn longer. 
Beast Master  Animal Rescue  Random captured monster attacks enemy when your HP is 20% or lower after an attack. 
Berserker Pierce Default  Damage won’t be reduced when attacking a defaulting enemy. 
Berserker  Rage and Reason  Choose actions freely half the time. 
Black Mage  Regenerative Default  Defaulting restores some MP based on level. 
Black Mage  High Velocity Spells  Prevents attack spells from being nullified or absorbed. 
Freelancer  Stand Ground  50% survival chance with 1 HP and taking damage to be knocked out. Ability works only when above 1 HP. 
Monk  Concentration  Crit change increase every time Invigorate, Mindfulness, or Alchemy is used. The spell lasts for the remainder of the fight. 
Thief  Sleight of Hand  Steal X abilities get a bonus effect that allows the player to take one strengthening effect from the target. 
Pictormancer  Self Expression  When used on oneself, the Artistry abilities have no cost and have positive instead of negative effects. 
Shieldbearer  Protect Ally  Take damage instead of allies who are close to dying, adopt the default stance. 
Red Mage  Nuisance  Attack spells get a chance to inflict status effects. 
Vanguard  Shield Bearer  Equipping doesn’t affect speed, evasion or aim. 
Vanguard  Attention Seeker  Physical attack power and crit chance is increased based on the chance of being targeted. 
Ranger  Barrage  Successive actions increase damage output. 
Gambler  All or Nothing  Experience, JP, or pg earned are 0 but one of these three has a chance of occasionally being multiplied by 15. 
White Mage  Angelic Ward  30% chance of 50% reduction in incoming damage. 
White Mage  Holistic Medicine  Healing spells affect the entire party. 

And that’s everything you need to know about specialties available in Bravely Default 2. Need more help? Check out how to escape battles, how to catch monsters, how to restore health, how to play B n’ D minigame.