Bravely Default 2 Side Quests Guide: How to Complete, Rewards, Quest Givers

Bravely Default 2 Side Quests

Even though Bravely Default 2 is an RPG, there isn’t much to do in its side quests. There are a ton of short side quests in the game and in this guide, I will give you all the details you need to complete Bravely Default 2 side quests.

Bravely Default 2 Side Quests

Completing side quests is fairly simple and the rewards are worth it.

Borrowing the Boat

Rewards: 2x Teleport Stone

Speak with Seth and the Old Woman and you’ll be at the beach. The side quest has you use the game’s online features. You simply need to send the boat out on sail after seeing all the explanations given to you by the game regarding the online features. When the ship comes back speak with the Old Woman to complete the quest.

Human’s Best Friend: Part I

Rewards: 2x Small Exp Orb

Speak with Truff and help him find the lost ring in the long grass. Clear out the long grass and find the ring, bring it back to Truff to complete the side quest.

A Grizzly Conundrum

Reward: Mythril Staff

After you beat Selene and Dag, you’ll able to get this side quest from out of Halcyonia. The objective is to eliminate a grizzly. The job is fairly simple, especially once you manage to beat Selene and Dag. Your level and skill will be high enough. You can locate the grizzly near the area where you get the quest. Look for an area with a lot of trees. The grizzly in this area is usually with the Fresh Foliole and Orc Leader. Focus on the Fresh Foliole first and then deal with the rest.

Dish of the Day

Rewards: 2x Fresh Fish

You get the quest from the Halcyonia Inn. To complete it you need to kill Fenrir the wolf. Fenrir is in Halcyonia up North towards the Outlaws’ Hideout. Make sure to save the game before you fight Fenrir.

Presentation is Everything

Rewards: 3x Small JP Orbs

To get the side quest go to the Halcyonia Throne Room. Now head North to the Hydrangea Hills and go along the dirt road and go across the second Stonebridge. Head East from the fork to find 3x Sparkles. Examine them and head back to the quest giver in the Halcyonia Throne Room.

A Knife to Remember

Rewards: 3x Dart

The quest can be found southeast of the fork in Halcyonia. Follow the quest marker during the daytime and kill all enemies in the area. You will then come across Lady Emma and Elvis’ teacher. Go back to Halcyonia afterward and speak with the Fisherman to complete the side quest in Bravely Default 2.

One Boy’s Quest

Rewards: 3x Echo Herbs

You can get this quest from Halcyonia. This is the case of the missing boy. You need to find the boy to complete the quest. The boy is inside the steeled building. Head to the bottom left of the city, near the weapons shop. Speak with the boy and then go back to his mother to explain the situation.

Double Dare

Rewards: 2x Booster Bun

Just the previous two side quests, you get this one from Halcyonia as well. Afterward, visit the Outlaws Hideout and go into the first room to the north in the hallway. Inside the room you will find an item, examine it to get the Enspooklopaedia. With the new item in hand go back to the Halcyonia and speak with the child.


Rewards: 4x Mini Ether

Speak with the traveler in Halcyonia and get him healing potions to fix his pain to complete the quest.

Business to be Getting on With

Rewards: 470pg

Go to the Halcyonia during the night and look for the marker a little outside of Halcyonia. The objective is to kill some goblins to clear the area. To complete this side quest, kill three goblins in the area during the night.

Hear the Wind Blow

Rewards: 2x Ward Light

You get this side quest from Halcyonia. Head north from the side quest location and down the staircase in front of the weapon shop. Speak with the old man there before going back to the quest giver. Come back to the old man and tell him that the steaks are getting cold. Now go back to the quest giver once again to complete the side quest.

And that’s all you need to know about side quests in Bravely Default 2. Need more help? Visit how to unlock jobs, how to kill Wiki-Wikis.

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