As part of Chapter 1 of Bravely Default 2, you’ll find yourself in the Outlaws Hideout. It is one of the quests/areas you will visit in the game. The quest leads you to the Selene and Dag boss fight. Below you will come a full walkthrough guide to help you complete Outlaws Hideout in Bravely Default II.


Bravely Default 2 Outlaws Hideout Walkthrough

As you enter the area, locate the room in front of you. Pick up the Teleport stone from this room and go north. You will find stairs that lead down into the basement, a dining room area, and a hidden room. Enemies will spawn here so you’ll need to take care of them, namely Bronzegoyle.

In the hidden room, you will find a chest with a weapon inside. Head back upstairs and go east inside the second room. Open the chest inside this room to get 320p. Go east to find some more items such as a fork and 2x Mini Ethers. Take the stairs down and get three chests from the hallway.

Go back up the stairs and into the second room where you will find Dungeon Portals. Use them to enter the dungeons.

Head west and take care of some enemies along the way. The main hallway will lead you to the fork and then go east to enter a room with two more chests. Equip the newly found sword and head south to a large room. Locate red paint on the floor to get a save point. From here on, the Selene and Dag Boss fight will begin.

And that’s how you complete the Outlaws Hideout quest in Bravely Default 2. Need more help? Check out Bernard’s Mansion walkthrough, how to beat Nightmare, how to escape battles, how to beat Prince Castor.