Bravely Default 2 won’t a JRPG if the enmies in the game didn’t have unique weaknesses. However, the game doesn’t tell players what are the weaknesses of the enemies in the game. Instead, players have to find them by themselves. In this Bravely Default 2 guide, we will help players with how to find the enemy weakness.


How To Find Enemy Weakness

There are two ways to check an enemy’s weakness. One is using the Magnifying Glass consumable which players can buy from the merchants. The other way to find the enemy’s weakness is using the Examine skill with the Freelancer job.

During combat, choose either of the above and select the enemy you want to examine for vulnerabilities. This will give players detailed info on the selected enemy included its weaknesses. Once players know the vulnerabilities, use the appropriate attack to exploit the enemy’s weakness in Bravely Default 2.

If you come across an enemy you have faced before and don’t remember its weakness and don’t have access to the Magnifying Glass or the Examine skill, then just press the X button and it’ll reveal the info on the enemy that you have already discovered. Also, doing this doesn’t require turns.

That is all for our Bravely Default 2 guide on how to find the enemy weakness. For more on the game, also see our How to Get the Bravebearer Secret Job and How to Beat Bernard.