The chapter 1 of Bravely Default 2 is quite interesting. It has intense quests including the Underground Reservoir dungeon which is pretty hard to complete. However, if you manage to get past the second dungeon the next eon awaits Bernard’s Mansion. Below you will find a full walkthrough to help you complete Bernard’s Mansion in Bravely Default 2.


Bravely Default 2 Bernard’s Mansion Walkthrough

Once you manage to take down Anihal with the help of our detailed guide, you’ll get a key to Bernard’s Mansion which kick starts the third dungeon. Inside the mansion, you’ll find a hidden room that contains the crystal you need.

As you enter the house Prince Castor will leave your party and Bernard will show up in his mansion. When you reach Bernard’s house, go down the staircase to the west to grab Medium JP Orbs and 3x Remedy. Locate the lever on the wall over the two bridges that controls the main door above, on the ground floor.

Open the chest to get the Bad Bone and then go down the stairs, into the left-most room where you’ll pick up a Tent. Now go to the room on the opposite side of the hall and pull the lever to open the right-most room near the main entrance. Inside that room, you’ll find another lever that opens the door on the first floor.

Reach the canals and get a Holy Mitre from the right-most corridors. Go down further and pick up the Hawkeye axe as well as a Teleport Stone. Go back to the stairs and under the bridge to open the chest to get 3000pg and quest items. This will trigger the Bernard Boss Fight. Head over to our Bernard boss battle guide to know how to beat Bernard.

Once you manage to beat him you’ll be sent to Savalon Gaol. And that’s how you complete Bernard’s Mansion in Bravely Default 2. Need more help? Check out best passive abilities, freelancer abilities, how to beat Nightmare.