A Fragrant Lie is one of the quests you must complete to progress in Bravely Default 2. Below is a full walkthrough for A Fragrant Lie to help you complete this quest in Bravely Default II.


Bravely Default 2 A Fragrant Lie Walkthrough

Compared to some other quests, A Fragrant Lie isn’t extensive. It doesn’t take long to complete it, all you have to do is find an Expensive Perfume in the Underground Reservoir.

First things first, you need to speak with a man right before the Underground Reservoir. Make sure to complete the Underground Reservoir quest before you speak to the man. Now go inside the Underground Reservoir and head left, use the Dungeon Portal. In the dungeon, you will face a bunch of enemies. Kill them all and move along the lanterns. Use the exit ahead to enter the World Map.

Kill the beast ahead and reach the cliff, look for plants and a Glowing spot nearby to complete your primary objective. Now go back to speak with the quest giver and give him the perfume to complete A Fragrant Lie quest in Bravely Default 2.

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