Bowser’s Fury Trickity Tower Cat Shines Locations Guide

trickity tower cat shines locations

Trickity Tower is no different when it comes to Cat Shines. Just like every other level in Bowser’s Fury, Trickity Tower has some hidden Cat Shines Locations as well. It is a weird level, more annoying than challenging. Most of the level doesn’t appear until you are walking or near a platform.

There are 5 of these collectibles in the Trickity Tower level of Bowser’s Fury. Some of them are part of the natural progress of the level while others can be found off track or hidden away.

Bowser’s Fury Trickity Tower Cat Shines Locations

Cat Shine Location #1

There is cat shine in the water by the small island. You can miss this one if you speed run the level.

Cat Shine Location #2

Go up the first slope and pick up the Cat Shard from the top of the first enemies head.

Cat Shine Location #3

As you naturally progress through the level, you will come across a giant stack of boxes, climb up the boxes by using Cat Mario.

Cat Shine Location #4

Progress the level you will get this naturally. It can’t me miss.

Cat Shine Location #5

As you reach the end of the Trickity Tower level, you will see a cat shine as you go up the final slope.

And that’s our complete list of Trickity Tower Cat Shines locations. Also, visit the Mount Magmeow Cat Shines Locations. If you think we missed some of them, let us know in the comments below.

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