Bowser’s Fury Pipe Path Tower Cat Shine Locations Guide

Bowser's Fury Pipe Path Tower Cat Shine Locations

We have already covered Cat Shines Locations in Trickity Tower and Mount Magmeow, now is the time to talk about what’s available in the Pipe Path Tower. Unlike other levels, Pipe Path Tower is simpler and all of the Cat Shines in this area can be easily picked up.

There are 5 cat shines in the Pipe Path Tower in Bowser’s Fury. This level gets you one step closer to getting all 100 of them. Some of the cat shines are part of the natural progression while others a bit hidden away. All in all, they are compared to other levels they are easy to find.

Bowser’s Fury Pipe Path Tower Cat Shines Locations

Cat Shine Location #1

The first cat shine is near the set of pipes close to the wall. You can use the Cat Mario to go up the wall or use the corner pipe to get up there.

Cat Shine Location #2

It is on the second set of pipes, very hard to miss.

Cat Shine Location #3

Part of the game’s natural progression.

Cat Shine Location #4

Also part of the natural progression of the Pipe Path Tower level.

Cat Shine Location #5

When you reach the lighthouse, use the Fire Flower powerup to break the obstructions at the top to get the cat shine.

And that’s our complete list of Pipe Path Tower cat shines locations in Bowser’s Fury.

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