Bowser’s Fury Mount Magmeow Cat Shines Locations Guide

Bowser's Fury Mount Magmeow Cat Shard Shines Locations | Bowser's Fury Rosalina

There are a number of challenging locations in Bowser’s Fury but one of the most annoying ones is Mount Magmeow. It is extremely difficult to progress through Mount Magmeow thanks to death pits and traps all over the place. It becomes more challenging for those trying to collect the Cat Shines.

In total, there are 5 Cat Shines hidden in various locations in Mount Magmeow. You need the right skills and powerups to reach these Mount Magmeow Cat Shines locations in Bower’s Fury.

Bury’s Fury Mount Magmeow Cat Shines Locations

Cat Shine Location #1

When you head up the first section of the Mount Magmeow level, you can pick up this shine just below it in the water.

Cat Shine Location #2

This cat shine is part of the level progression. You will across this on the screen bridge with a yellow arrow on it. Very hard to miss.

Cat Shine Location #3

You will find another cat shine near the lava. It is also part of the natural level progression. However, you need the Cat Mario Powerup to get it.

Cat Shine Location #4

As you progress in Mount Magmeow level, you will come across a green moving platform. Ride the platform all the way and duck under a secret compartment to get the cat shine.

Cat Shine Location #5

As you get to the end of the Mount Magmeow level in Bowser’s Fury, you will reach a wall and some Pow Blocks. Break the blocks with the Boomerang powerup and get your next cat shine.

And that’s the complete list of Mount Magmeow Cat Shines Locations in Bower’s Fury.

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